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Nugget play couch: everything you need to know!

Considering getting a Nugget play couch for your kids? Here is EVERYTHING you could ever want to know and ideas for how to use it in your home!

Here at Celebrating With Kids, it is no secret that we are OBSESSED with our Nugget couches.

Like, one of the main reasons that I started this site was to share information and ideas about how to use Nuggets in everyday play.

We are up to 4 Nuggets now and play with our Nuggets just about every day.

nugget play couch - everything you need to know

If you are brand new to Nuggets, start with my complete Nugget review.

Here is the link to buy the newest, latest and greatest Nugget play couches!

Once you have your Nugget (or have placed your order!) you are going to want to keep scrolling to read all of our build ideas, color combinations, and favorite accessories to pair with the Nugget!

Nugget Build Ideas

the ultimate guide to nugget couch builds

Building with Nuggets is super fun. But, it can be hard to come up with build ideas off of the top of your head. Here are some of our favorite Nugget build ideas:

Check out our favorite Nugget build ideas – printed on either a pillow, poster, or wall hanging!

Nugget monster, dinosaur, dragon

Specific Nugget build ideas:

Nugget care tips

how to get a cover back on a nugget the easiest way

Kids are messy and rough with their stuff. Here are some of our best tips for Nugget care!

Nugget knock offs

Whether you don’t have the budget for a name-brand Nugget, or if you are interested in some of the features that they don’t offer, there are a ton of Nugget competitors to consider!

International Nugget Alternatives

Nugget colors and covers

newest nugget colors

Here are some specific write ups and color-combinations of Nugget covers!

Limited Edition Nugget prints

Accessories to pair with a Nugget

the best accessories for your nugget kids couch
The best Nugget accessories

Nuggets are fun on their own, but even more fun when paired with accessories!

Some of my favorite Nugget accessories:

four nugget comfort boxes on a front porch

Nugget Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear about Nuggets!

Questions about using nuggets

Thanks for reading!

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