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How to store a Nugget couch when not in use

Want a Nugget but not sure how to store it when not in use? Here are my best ideas to get it out of the way!

Nuggets are ultra-popular kid’s modular couches. Read my full Nugget review here!

They include 2 larger rectangular pieces (that each fold to become 2 squares) and 2 triangular “pillows”.

These couches are awesome – we love them – but they can be bulky and cumbersome.

If you have a small home or limited play space, you might be concerned with how to store your Nugget when not in use.

We have a big playroom now, but in our last house didn’t. We kept our Nugget along one wall in our living room. It really taught me a lot about storing these things.

Also, Nugget recommends taking their couches out of the shrink wrap ASAP when recieving them. So, if it’s a surprise gift, you might need to store it for a while!

Here are my best ideas for storing a Nugget couch when not in use!


How to store a Nugget

The stack

Nugget stack set up

The most common way to store a Nugget when not in use is a stack. Fold the rectangles in half and stack them. Place triangles horizontally on top.

This also works with 2 Nuggets, stacked on top of each other.

The most we can fit in our room is 4 stacked nuggets – the triangles fit perfectly on top!

stack of 4 nugget kids play couches

Use it as an ottoman

If you have a single stacked Nugget, you can actually use it as an ottoman or coffee table! It’s the perfect height.

Just don’t store too much on top or it will be hard to get out and play with.

The couch

nugget couch set up

When we aren’t using our Nuggets, we store them like a couch. You can also double stack this set up for 2 Nuggets.

This is great if you have some space in your room but just want the Nugget to look more tidy.

Under a bed

If you need to hide a Nugget, put it under the bed! This depends on your bed’s height, and you may be able to fold the cushions or may need it to be only 1 deep.

In a closet

Fold cushions in half, lift by the handle, and put them in the back of a closet! This is great for hiding them leading up to Christmas.

How do you store your Nugget?

Thanks for reading!

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