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Four Nugget configuration ideas

Are you trying to come up with build ideas using 4 Nugget comfort kids couches? Here are some of my favorites!

I honestly feel almost embarrassed admitting that we now have 4 Nuggets. Like, thats >$1,000 worth of foam 😂

We accumulated our Nugget couches over time, have a large playroom with zero actual furniture, and our kids use and play with them every day.

But enough justifying. If you are here, you either have 4 nuggets already (solidarity) or are trying to convince yourself or a partner that you need 4 nuggets (also solidarity).

So, let’s just jump right in and see some of my family’s favorite 4 nugget build ideas!

4 nugget configuration and build ideas

Four Nugget configuration ideas

Note: you can take any of my 2 Nugget configuration ideas and make 2 of them side by side!


sectional couch made with 4 nuggets

The sectional sofa is my favorite way to store our 4 Nuggets when not in use. I think it looks neat and tidy, plus it is practical!

Big Ramp

big ramp made with 4 nugget couches

We love making a big ramp for running cars and trains down. You can do this off a couch, but when you have 4 Nuggets, you really have enough to make it self sufficient!

Big triangle

big triangle nugget build

You can make this big triangle with less than 4 nuggets, but I like to add the stack in front so my 2 year old can use it to climb up all by himself!


nugget staircase and slide

The stairs are by far my favorite 4 Nugget build. They are extremely sturdy and you can add a slide, too!

triangle support pieces for a nugget staircase

Here’s my complete guide to nugget stairs!

Cave with steps & a bridge

4 nugget build idea

This build has a cave in the middle and a ramp up on either side for climbing & hiding!

The truck

nugget set up to look like a truck or train

Here’s a fun build: a truck! Or a train. Use your imagination.

Climb & Jump

4 nugget build

I set up all 8 triangles on their sides and made a platform with 2 ramps for the ultimate climb & jump loop!

Double monsters

how to make a nugget monster

Make 2 spooky monsters (or two of my dinosaurs!) Perfect for Halloween or any old rainy day!


4 nuggets set up in levels

Another super simple build is to make lots of different levels – some flat, folded, stacked, whatever. Great for climbing, crawling, and imaginative play!

Double tents

four nugget build with slide

Combine tents with slides for this fun and actually stable 4 nugget build!

Climb & crawl

4 nugget build

This build is great because it has levels for climbing or jumping, a tunnel/cave, AND uses all the triangles. Lots of room for imaginative play here!

The submarine

This is a simple build but GREAT for imaginative play – lay out all of the Nugget rectangles flat on the ground. We usually stack soft on top of hard but you can also fold to make double high.

Use the triangles to make “walls” and then use it as a blank space!

It can be an airplane, a boat, my son calls it a submarine! It’s great for wrestling and wild play, too!

What’s your favorite 4 Nugget build?!

Thanks for reading!

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