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11 Nugget Comfort Slide Ideas

Want to turn your Nugget Comfort kids’ couch into a slide? Here are a ton of build ideas!

Nuggets are a super fun toy for toddlers and kids. You can use them to build forts, obstacle courses, stairs, and of course, slides.

Slides are fun for kids of all ages. If you use the thick pieces and support them properly, they are actually pretty strong!

We’ve made a few different Nugget slides. Here are our favorites!

**always slide at your own risk and monitor kids for safety. lots of injuries happen on nugget slides!**

11 nugget comfort slide ideas

Nugget Comfort Slide Ideas

Here are some ideas for building slides from your Nugget!

One Nugget Slide Ideas

Nugget ramp configuration

This build isn’t super stable as-is, honestly, but if you place the far end on a couch or chair, it’s great!

Nugget up and in configuration

This is a simple one nugget build with a built in slide!

throwing balls down a nugget ramp

This is a really shallow slide, but could be made steeper without the second triangle. We like to use it for stuffed animal bowling, but you can also slide down it.

Nugget set up as a ramp on the back of a couch

Pair one firm nugget piece with the back of a chair or couch and a triangle for support. We use the soft rectangle as a crash pad at the bottom.

nugget lounge configuration

This is more like a half pipe than a slide, but we use it in obstacle courses and roll down and then climb up. It’s fun with a running start!

how to use a wobble board as a slide

You can always pair a nugget with a wobble board for an instant slide!

Two+ Nugget Slide Ideas

Of course, the more Nuggets you have, the more possibilities.

nugget slide on the stairs

The number of Nuggets needed to slide down the stairs depends on the length of your stairs. We use 3 firm pieces.

Beware, adults tend to push the pieces down (at least for us) so it’s best for lighter weight kids.

Nugget steps and slide

The nugget step + slide combo is a favorite of ours. You can see some side angle shots here.

2 nugget build with slide

Luke loves this 2 nugget build. You can climb it up as a ramp or go down as a slide. It’s also great paired with a tunnel for chucking balls down!

2 nugget build with ramp and slide

Here’s a similar favorite. We sue the one steep side as a climbing wall and then slide down the other way!

four nugget build with slide

We love this double-wide build with one slide for each kid!

Thanks for reading!

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