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How to get covers back on a Nugget: the easiest way!

Have a Nugget kid’s couch? Getting the removable covers back on can be a nightmare! Here’s a step by step guide to the easiest way!

Nuggets are awesome kids toys, but sometimes they need to be washed. No big deal – that’s why they gave them a removable cover. Here’s my guide on how to wash a Nugget cover.

But, once you wash your Nugget cover, you still have to get the covers back on the foam. It sounds easy, but it can be like wrestling a bear.

My suggestion is to clear some floor space and set aside ten to fifteen minutes per nugget to get all the covers back on!

It’s worth noting that waterproof covers make the Nugget foam more slick and slide into the covers easier! So, if you have covers, you are in luck. Here are the best Nugget waterproof liners!

how to get a cover back on a nugget the easiest way

How to get covers back on a Nugget

STEP 1: Lay out a cover

Lay out a rectangular cover on the floor. The side of the cover with the lip on it should be on the bottom, flat on the ground. Flap on top.

Nugget cover flat on ground

STEP 2: Pull back the flap

Fold the flap back so you see the underside and fold it across the other square side.

STEP 3: Place the foam

Place one foam square in the now open flap. Note: It is said that these pieces are NOT square and that one side is slightly smaller than the other. Mine measure square. Idk. If it won’t fit, try rotating it.

nugget with foam on one side

STEP 4: Pull up the lip

Pull the lip all the way around the foam until it is snug in place. Be sure the corner seams are on the corners!

one side of a nugget zipped up

STEP 4: Zip it up

Pull the flap back over the foam and zip it in place.

Hot Tip: See the photo below – use one finger to press the foam in as you zip with the other hand. This helps to prevent snags!

zipping up a nugget cover

STEP 5: Repeat

Repeat this on the other side, and then on the other rectangular piece.

Nugget with covers back on

STEP 6: Do the triangles

Shove the triangular foam in and zip it up. These are pretty easy and intuitive.

Enjoy, pour a beverage of choice (away from the Nugget, please!) and high five yourself for a job well done!

Nugget stack set up

Thanks for reading!

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