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Nugget Alternatives available in Canada

Want a Nugget kid’s couch but live in Canada? Here’s the deal with ordering them – and some Canadian alternatives!

Nuggets are a wildly popular kid’s modular couch that can be used for building, lounging, and imaginative play.

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Let’s talk about your options for getting a toddler couch to Canada!

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Shipping a Nugget to Canada

The easiest thing you can do is order an actual Nugget!

They can be shipped to Canada for an additional fee.

Shipping costs $59 per Nugget, $49 per Pillow Pack, and $39 per Cover Set. This includes shipping and completely covers the Taxes/Duties/Brokerage fees. All prices are in US Dollars.

It’s delivered directly to your door.

Canadian alternatives to the nugget kids play couches

Nugget Couch Alternatives for Canada

Whether you want to save money or buy Canadian, there are options for baby couches from Canada, too.

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Epic Kidz

Epic Kidz is a Canadian-based brand that offers a variety of kids toys including three different play couch sets.

They offer a variety of uniquely shaped pieces for really fun fort builds.

Their basic play couch set is great – and it’s an especially good option for Canadians due to price and ease of shipping.

Where the Epic Kidz sets really shine in my opinion are in their fun cushion shapes that can be used independently or as an add on to basic play couches for lots of fun! These are shapes you don’t see with other brands and are very unique!

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Nugget vs epic kidz comparison


Barumba is a Canadian owned and made 11 piece play couch.

Each set includes both arches and wedges, two super fun add-ons for kids.

Pieces include:

  • two arches
  • two semi-circles
  • two large rectangles
  • one large foldable rectangle
  • two triangle backrests
  • two small rectangle arm rests

My kids love the smaller pieces in this set because they are sized perfectly for kids to lift and move around without any help from adults.

I love that they include waterproof liners with every purchase!

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barumba play couch review

Kiddie Couch

The Kiddie Couch basic play couch is the same size and has the same pieces as the Nugget.

I personally find the fabric of the Kiddie Couch to feel more luxe and nicer than the Nugget’s basic fabric. Plus, the Kiddie Couch is water resistant – liquids bead up and wipe off the cover!

They also offer stepping stone and stick, arches, and semi circle add on pieces!

I think the price is awesome considering these two bonuses.

The Joey

The Joey is a super popular Nugget alternative, and it’s Canadian!

The Joey comes with 2 triangles AND a half-moon shaped arm rest. It also comes with a waterproof liner.

Joey has a TON of add on options including:

  • wedges
  • semi circles
  • circles
  • sticks

Read my dedicated comparison of the Nugget vs Joey

nugget vs joey comparison

Cushy Couch

The Cushy Couch looks very similar to the Nugget, two folding rectangles and two triangles.

I love that they sell outdoor grade covers, perfect for camping or outdoor movie nights.

They also offer a lot of “expansion kits” with pieces like sticks and cubes!

It is slightly more expensive than a Nugget.

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nugget vs cushy couch comparison

Go Coconut

The Coconut kid’s couch is very similar to the Nugget – there’s a different shape to the triangle pieces.

I love that it comes in a lot of beautiful colors and seems to be high quality materials.

However, it is quite a bit more expensive than a Nugget!

Here’s our full review of the Go Coconut!

Nugget vs go Coconut couch comparison

My Puffin

The puffin play couch has gone out of business and is no longer available.

The Puffin play couch is cool because you can get it in microsuede or vegan leather.

The triangle pillow pieces are really more like wedges, which seems nice for lounging (but not as great for tower type builds).

It is significantly more expensive than a Nugget, so that’s something to keep in mind.

The Luna

The Luna has gone out of business and is no longer available.

The Luna is another interesting kids couch option.

In addition to the traditional 2 rectangle bases and 2 triangles, there are additional pieces INCLUDED at no extra cost. It’s 2 square beams and 2 circle pillows.

This set seems really awesome for obstacle course type builds!

I think it is a fantastic value for the price!!

My Couchy Couch

My Couchy Couch is the final Canadian kids couch option.

It once again looks a lot like a Nugget, but with flat top triangles, which could be interesting to build with!

They are ready to ship and priced very comparably with the Nugget!

Thanks for reading!

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