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Nugget double brushed suede vs microsuede

Trying to decide between the Nugget double brushed suede vs microsuede? Let’s break down the differences so you can make the right decision for your family!

The Nugget is a popular kid’s play couch – read our full Nugget review here!

The Nugget comes in 2 fabric cover choices: microsuede and double brushed suede. Let’s talk about the differences!

What are the difference between the Nugget double brushed suede vs microsuede?

Some people get one of each Nugget and, while they see the differences in the materials, they don’t have a strong preference either way or think that the double brushed is better. You can read a discussion about that here.

However, Nugget obviously thinks that the double brushed suede is better because they offer it as a premium upgraded product.

The double brushed suede is thicker and softer than the traditional microsuede. It has more of a “couch” feel to it and most people agree that it feels more expensive and luxe.

When comparing the feel of the two fabrics, some people say the microsuede feels “crinkly” when compared to the softer double brushed. However, some other people say that the double brushed is too slick for good fort building!

Both Nugget covers are machine washable – check out my guide to cleaning the Nugget!

Nugget double brushed suede vs microsuede

What are the pros of the double brushed suede?

Many people say that the double brushed fabric is softer, feels more luxe and expensive, and is easier to clean. It seems to be especially better at keeping clean of pet hair. People say that pet hair brushes right off with your hand, no lint roller required.

So, if you have a lot of shedding pets that will spend time on your Nuggets, it might be worth it to you to get the double brushed suede!

I have also heard that the double brushed doesn’t create static like the traditional microsuede does.

Finally, it’s worth noting that felt DOES stick to the double brushed suede, just like the traditional microsuede material, so it can be used the same way as a felt board!

What are the cons of the double brushed suede?

There are a few cons to the double brushed suede, though most of them are more practical and not really about the fabric.

First of all, there is an up-charge for this deluxe fabric. It’s an extra $30 no matter what you buy.

MicrosuedeDouble Brushed Suede
Nugget cost$229$259
Nugget cover cost$99$129
Nugget pillow pack cost$99$129

Secondly, and most importantly to me, there are extremely limited colors in the double brushed suede. Currently it is just Harbor, Atlantic, and Redwood. So, if you don’t like those colors, it’s not a good fit.

Finally, some people on Facebook have complained about the double brushed suede snagging. However, remember that covers are under warranty from manufacturing defects and Nugget seems to be great about replacing them.

Is the double brushed suede worth it?

For me, this is an easy no. I don’t love the colors available so it’s not worth it to settle for a color I don’t like. However, some people swear by the double brushed and for them, it clearly is worth it!

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