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Two Nugget Configuration Ideas

Looking for two Nugget couch configuration ideas? Here are some of our favorite double Nugget couch builds!

We are obsessed with our Nugget comfort couches! They are our favorite place to play, hang out, build, and play rough and tumble with our two kids.

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We have 2 Nuggets, and it is honestly so much more fun to build with two than with one! If you have the space, go for a second!

My hot tip is to build these builds yourself, take a photo of each, and save them as an album on your phone. Then your kids can scroll that and look for ideas!

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Click here to get a FREE PDF printable poster of these 2 Nugget build ideas!

2 nugget configuration and build ideas

Two Nugget couch configuration ideas

Here are our favorite 2 Nugget build ideas!

The big pile

This is a great build for climbers! You can see it both above and below from 2 different angles. Leave one thick cushion flat (As a step for smaller kids) and fold and stack the rest.

Be sure to position the handles towards the wall, becasue the opposite side can be climbed like a ladder!

We stack triangles on one side for steps and use a wobble board or play tunnel as a slide/ball chute on the other!

My son loves to climb on top and jump off onto the pillow pile!

Obstacle course

I wrote a whole article about Nugget obstacle course ideas, but I think that 2 nuggets is the perfect amount – combined with other elements of your playroom – for an awesome indoor obstacle course!

Steps + ramp

This is a great build because it uses all the triangles, and has steps leading up to a ramp. Luke loves to use it for balls but you can roll down it, too! It’s surprisingly stable.

The double tent

Another favorite build! The ramp is sturdy enough to climb but once again we like to use it for balls. Position toys in the bottom to knock over with balls bowling off the ramp!

The big pyramid

nugget pyramid fort

This is my very favorite two nugget build! It’s a big pyramid with 3 “caves” – one on top and two below.

It’s actually VERY stable and pairs really nicely with a wobble board or pet steps on the front to get up into the top!

The long couch

This might be obvious, but a long couch (or stacked into a double height couch) is a classic for a reason!

(this pic was taken when my second nugget was fresh out of the box so you can see the difference in smoothing out!)

The monster

Nugget monster, dinosaur, dragon

A dinosaur, monster, dragon- whatever your kids want! Here’s my step by step guide to building a Nugget dinosaur!

The 2 room house

nugget fort with two rooms

This is a fun 2 nugget configuration with two “rooms”. I will put photos both above and below so you can see the two options for the triangles.

Stacking them vertically makes it taller but less stable, so try both to see what works best for your family!

Nugget configuration

The big roof

Nugget fort with big roof

This build is my two year old’s favorite! He likes to go inside, have me close the “door” (life the flap up) and then he knocks it down while he is inside it. And then we repeat a dozen times.

House with a car port

I call this the house with the car port because it has the slanted “roof” tent section as well as the more square section off to the side.

The square section is surprisingly roomy and using the triangles like this is pretty stable! You will have 1 random leftover triangle, since this only uses 3.

Nugget fort configuration with lean to

The bridge

I think this build LOOKS really cool, and the space underneath is very big and spacious for reading or playing.

But, the top is NOT stable at all so don’t let kiddos even try!

Nugget fort bridge configuration


This Restaurant is perfect for tea parties, play food, and imaginative play! Its a HUGE hit with my 3 year old!

Read my complete guide on how to build a Nugget restaurant here!

Nugget cafe build

The double ramp

This is a great build for climbing up, over, and sliding down!

Plus, with 4 vertical triangles underneath, you can position them to have a tunnel that (small kids) can crawl thru in the “basement”, too!

Double wide ramp

I made this for practicing forward rolls like we do in gymnastics class. It’s hard to get the top stable – I actually put our XL teddy bear under there to help. Extra pillows can be helpful!

The lean to

One of our favorite forts is this lean to! You can also use a big flat sheet or light blanket over top if the roof makes you claustraphobic.

Nugget fort with roof


This is a great build for climbers as they have a few ways to climb up but it’s not too scary tall. Great for jumping off onto pillows, too!

2 Nugget climbing ideas

The ball chute

We always pair this build with our tunnel for balls! Position a basket at the bottom for easy clean up.

Here’s a very similar build from a different angle!

throwing balls down a tunnel

What’s your favorite two nugget build idea?

What’s your favorite Nugget building ideas?

Thanks for reading!

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