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How to make a Nugget play couch restaurant

Looking for a creative 2 Nugget build idea? Here’s how to make a Nugget play couch restaurant booth!

I love building fun Nugget builds for my kids. We usually do slides, forts, obstacle courses, or steps.

Here are all of my favorite 2 Nugget build ideas!

Occasionally, we get more creative. This dinosaur build is another favorite!

Recently we have been making a restaurant booth a lot. This is GREAT for imaginative play and perfect for tea parties or playing with toy food.

Here’s how to build your own!


How to make a Nugget play couch restaurant

To build this build you will need 2 Nuggets or similar play couches.

Note: I actually have 4 Nuggets (I know, I know). I used 3 thick and 1 thin piece to do this build. If you have 2 Nuggets, you will want to use 2 thin and 2 thick pieces. Replace the bottom base piece with a thin piece.

nugget restaurant build

First, lay a rectangular piece flat on the ground. If you have 2 Nuggets, this should be a thin piece. If you have additional Nuggets, I like to use a thick one here.

Nugget cafe build

Then, place a thick Rectangular piece behind each side of the base piece. This stands better against a wall. Fold along the crease to follow the 90 degree angle and create the walls of the booth.

how to build a nugget table booth

Place 2 triangles down in the center of the base. As you can see from my pictures, I’ve done them both directions and they work both ways. Place the other 2 triangles parallel as seats.

Fold your last thin piece and set it on top as a table top!

Play restaurant, cafe, or tea party!

4 nugget build with cafe

If you have 4 Nuggets, this is the build I build next to it with extra pieces. It’s a fun cozy cave!

Thanks for reading!

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