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Nugget Comfort Dinosaur/Monster build!

Want to build a Nugget dinosaur? Here’s how to to it!

Today I’m excited to share a really fun build idea with you – a dinosaur! Or, a monster. A dragon? Whatever your kids want it to be!

It’s not really a climbing build, it’s just for dramatic effect.

You can see a full video tour of this build on my Instagram.

Nugget monster, dinosaur, dragon

You need 2 nuggets to build this. You can use 2 additional triangles from another nugget or a pillow pack to help prop open the head pieces.

Here are my favorite 2 Nugget build ideas!

OR you can instead use pillows – bed pillows, couch pillows, even XL stuffed animals – in their place!

I used Mainstay squishy pillows for the eye balls but any round pillow will work.

I cut felt for the eye balls and teeth. Just rub it to create a bit of static electricity and it should stick!


How to build a Nugget dinosaur

What you need:

  • 2 Nuggets
  • a pillow pack, 2 extra triangle pillows, OR 2 big fluffy pillows of any kind
  • 2 round pillows
  • Felt – I used black and white
Nugget monster, dinosaur, dragon

What to do:

  1. Set up 4 triangles vertically
  2. Place a firm piece on top with second half angled down
  3. Layer a thin piece over the second half and flat on the ground to make a tail
  4. Add a folded thin piece with a triangle/any pillow
  5. Add a thick folded piece with a triangle/any pillow
  6. Add 2 round pillows for eyes
  7. Add felt for teeth and eyeballs

Thanks for reading!

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