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How long does it take a Nugget couch to fluff up?

Wondering how long it will take your new Nugget couch to expand? Here’s my experience with 4 Nuggets!

So you got a Nugget couch. Hooray!

You snap a selfie with the box, open it, and carefully peel the plastic off the cushions (no scissors!)

But – you’re disappointed.

The Nugget is not what you expected. It’s a sad, floppy, firm, wrinkled mess.

Nugget straight out of the box

Not cute.

How long does it take a Nugget couch to fluff up

How long does it take a Nugget couch to fluff up?

Nuggets are made of foam. That foam is then placed in plastic and all of the air is sucked out so it can roll up and fit in a box. It can take a while for the foam to fully expand.

According to the Nugget website, it takes 1 to 2 weeks for the Nugget to fully fluff up.

In my opinion, it should be pretty close to fully expanded in 24 hours.

Squished Nugget Comfort

How long can I leave my Nugget in the box?

In general, you want to get it out of the box as soon as possible. The warranty is void after 15 days from receipt.

Best practice is to open and inspect your Nugget in case of any defects right away. Here’s some tips for storing Nuggets if it’s a gift you want to hide.

Nugget after 24 hours
Nugget 24 hours out of the box

How long does it take the wrinkles to flatten out of the fabric?

It takes a bit longer for the wrinkles to come out of the fabric. I have found that the piece that was on the inside of the roll is especially wrinkled.

The wrinkles will fade over time, but if it bothers you, you can wash the cover. Here is a step by step guide to washing Nugget covers.

Old nugget vs new nugget foam expansion
Old nugget vs new nugget foam expansion

Does the Nugget foam get firmer/softer over time?

When you first open the Nugget, the thick pieces are really compressed and feel very firm.

The thin pieces can feel very floppy and not sturdy for builds.

It takes about 48 hours for the foam to get softer, firmer, and fully un-squished.

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