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Nugget Couch Alternatives: Comparing all of the Knock offs!

Considering buying a Nugget comfort kids couch? Let’s take a look at all of the alternatives and see what is best for your family!

Kids play couches are a hot commodity right now.

People want their kids to have the very best – a mix of a preschool and a children’s museum and a toy store, all in their own playroom.

Modular play couches are a big part of that – giving kids places to lounge, watch tv, or even build into forts!

Gone are the days of using couch cushions, kitchen chairs, and old bedsheets. Millennials are taking that up a notch by giving their kids official cushions to build with.

And I can’t hate – we have 2 Nuggets ourselves, since 2019. Here is my Nugget review!

When the shut down happened, Nugget was flooded with orders and went into massive backorders. People who wanted Nuggets for their bored-at-home kids couldn’t get them!

Supply and demand led to a LOT of new knock off versions.

I’ve been toying with buying a couple more Nuggets when our daughter turns one, so I decided to research ALL the alternatives to see if there might be something better – or different – to add to our playroom.

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What is similar to Nugget comfort?

  • Blocksy Foamnasium
  • Foam Oh!
  • Joey
  • Figgy
  • Tarube
  • Youragami
  • Leo Mat
  • Nook
  • Stylized Nest
  • Go Coconut
  • Fortzee
  • Cushy Couch
  • Sam’s Club Explorer
  • Brentwood

What can I get instead of a Nugget?

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to theNugget, go for the Sam’s Club Explorer. If you want a waterproof option, go for the Foamnasium. If you want something for building, go with the Fort!

Let’s check them all out!

Just looking for a climber, not a couch? Here are my favorite indoor climbing toys for toddlers!

nugget kids couch knock offs compared

Nugget Couch Alternatives

You can see a breakdown of the most popular Nugget knock offs below.

The biggest thing new knock offs have improved on is adding a waterproof liner and having add on shapes like wedges, circles, or bridges, that you can buy.

The differences are summarized in a table in the bottom.

Foamnasium Blocksy

I hate grouping the Blocksy in with the other Nugget couch knock offs because it’s not new and it’s been around for a while. But it needs to be compared because its a super popular alternative!

Blocksy is very similar to the Nugget but the main difference is that it is vinyl with non-removable covers compared to microsuede on zippers.

Some people think the vinyl is great, works great for a slide, and easy to clean. Others think it’s hard to build with or annoying that it’s not removable.

Read my dedicated comparison of the Nugget vs Blocksy


The Joey is a Canadian take on the Nugget. It’s important to note that it is free shipping to Canada but NOT to the USA.

The Joey has square base pieces, so 4 squares compared to the Nugget’s 2 rectangles.

The Joey comes with 2 triangles AND a half-moon shaped arm rest. It also comes with a waterproof liner.

Joey has a TON of add on options including:

  • wedges
  • semi circles
  • circles
  • sticks

Read my dedicated comparison of the Nugget vs Joey


Figgy is another knock off with rectangular pillows instead of triangles and a triangular “wedge” you can add on.

The biggest selling point on these is that they come with a waterproof liner under the suede liner to protect the foam from spills.

Read my dedicated comparison of the Nugget vs Figgy


The big difference between the Tarube and the Nugget is the cushion shapes.

The base pieces are 4 squares, compared to the Nugget’s 2 rectangles. The squares can zipper together to form rectangles similar to Nugget.

Also, the pillows are rectangles instead of triangles!

There are also a lot of add on options. This includes:

  • ball pit
  • bridges
  • wedges
  • sticks & stones

The Tarube also includes a separate waterproof liner to help protect the foam!

Read my dedicated comparison of the Nugget vs Tarube

Leo Mat

Leo Mat is honestly the most puzzling of the Nugget knock offs to me. It looks just like a Nugget, doesn’t seem to have any improvements, and it almost double the cost.

The big selling point I see for the Leo Mat is that it comes in patterns. This is fine for a playroom, I certainly wouldn’t want it in my living room though.

Read my dedicated comparison of the Nugget vs Leo Mat


The MyNooK is only available in Australia.

I love that it comes in microsuede, velvet, or an outdoor cover material!

The MyNooK includes:

– 4 Large Base Cushions which Zip-Together in Pairs

– 2 Back Triangles

– 2 Long Rectangular Bolsters

– 2 Circular Round Cushions

– a My NooK Build Poster

It is however very expensive!

Read my dedicated comparison of the Nugget vs Nook

Stylized Nest

The Nest is a very pricey Nugget alternative. The biggest difference you will notice is that the Next comes with rainbow bolsters instead of triangle pillows. These are large half circle pillows that are gorgeous as a sofa back and seem fun to build with!

Read my dedicated Stylized Nest vs Nugget comparison!


The GoCoconut is only available in Canada.

Instead of a thick and thin base, you get two thick bases, which is cool for builds.

The triangle bolsters also have flat tops, which could be cool for building!

Read my dedicated GoCoconut vs Nugget comparison!


The Fortzee is a pretty straight Nugget knock off. The differences are that is comes with waterproof liners, you can purchase patterned covers, and that the rectangles unzip to make 2 separate squares.

Read my dedicated Fortzee vs Nugget comparison!

Cushy couch

The Cushy Couch is a Canadian option (but ships to USA). It is said to be less sturdy than the Nugget but still OK for builds.

There are 2 interesting additions that the Cushy Couch has available.

First is the Cushy Camper, a waterproof outdoors version. This is super cool if you like to camp, watch movies outdoors, or lounge outside.

They also offer expansion kits, including cubes beams and rectangles. I have heard that these don’t hold mich weight, but they are cool for building!

Read my detailed comparison of the Nugget vs Cushy Couch!

Sam’s Club Explorer

The Sam’s Club couch has been a huge hit recently. It came onto the scene as a pretty direct Nugget knock off.

But, the benefit is it’s available in stores immediately (if you are a member) and it costs less than the Nugget!

It has mixed reviews but I think the Sam’s club generous return policy makes it a great buy!

Read my detailed comparison of the Nugget vs Sam’s Club kids couch.

Comparison table

Let’s compare all the options in one handy comparison table!

NuggetBlocksyFortJoeyFiggyTarubeLeo MatNookStylized NestGo CoconutFortzeeCushy CouchSam’s Club ExplorerBrentwood
Cover MaterialMicrosuedeVinylFaux leatherMicrosuedeMicrosuedeMicrosuedeMicrosuedeMicrosuede, velvet, or outdoorCotton or velvetMicro VelveteenMicrosuedeMicrosuedeMicrosuedeMicrosuede
Waterproof?NoYesYesYesYesYesNoCover availableNoNoYesCover availableNoNo
WashabilityMachine washableWipe cleanWipe cleanMachine washableHand washMachine washableMachine washableMachine washableMachine washableMachine washableMachine washableMachine washableMachine washableMachine washable
Colors1893-7 colors13496 prints, 2 colors30 colors13 colors16 colors4 colors8 colors6 colors6 colors
Base Size33″ x 66″25″ x 70″26″x26″x30″33.5″ x 67″33″ x 33″ (4 pieces)33″ x 33″ (4 pieces)33″ x 72″31.5″ x 63″33″ x 66″30″ x 60″33″ x 66″33″ x 66″33″ x 66″33″ x 66″
Add OnsNoNoNoYesYesYesNoYesYesNoNoYesNoYes
Delivery TimelineImmediate2-4 weeksWaitlist12-14 weeks1 month2 monthsImmediate4-6 weeks3-6 weeks1-2 weeksSold outImmediateImmediateImmediate

Any Nugget alternatives that I missed?

Before you go…

Once you pick a modular couch, it’s time to play! Be sure to check out all of our best Nugget build ideas!

Thanks for reading!

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