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Nugget Couch vs Foamnasium Blocksy

Comparing a Nugget and a Foamnasium Blocksy? Let’s put them side by side to see which is better for your family!

We love our Nuggets, but there are a lot of great alternatives. I’m not going to call Foamnasium Blocksy a knock off because it’s really been around a while, but it is the most popular Nugget alternative.

They are very comparable but have a few key differences. Let’s break it down!

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Note: I own a Nugget but not a Blocksy, but I have nothing against Blocksy! Click here for my full Nugget review.

nugget vs blocksy comparison

What are the differences between a Nugget and a Blocksy?

Cover Material


The Nugget is made of microsuede which is soft to the touch.


Blocksy is made of a medical grade vinyl. So, it’s more slick.

Some parents love that it wipes clean, others complain that it slips when building forts.

big triangle nugget build



The Nugget covers zip off and are machine washable. Don’t put them in the dryer!


Blocksy covers don’t come off but are wipe-clean.



Nugget comes in 3 classic colors (black, navy, gray) and a rotation of limited edition colors – there are currently 15 options!


Blocksy comes in 9 different color options currently.

mayberry nugget in natural light
mayberry nugget in natural light



Rectangular cushions are 33″ x 66″.


Rectangular cushions are 25″ x 70″.

Ease of purchase & delivery time


Nuggets are now available and ready to ship!


Blocksy is also available to ship immediately.

Nugget steps and slide



Nugget sells for $249 with free shipping in the USA. Click here to shop for a Nugget!


Blocksy is also $249!

Summary of differences

Here are all of the differences summarized in a handy table!

Cover MaterialMicro suedeMedical grade vinyl
WashabilityMachine washableWipe clean
Colors18 colors9 colors
Size33″ x 66″25″ x 70″
Delivery TimeImmediateImmediate

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