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Nugget Comfort vs Cushy Couch

Considering a Nugget couch or a Cushy Couch for your kids? Let’s compare them side by side to see which is best for your family.

Everyone is always looking for a Nugget knock off! A new popular option is the Cushy Couch. This is a Canadian option though they ship internationally.

Let’s jump in and compare the two!

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Note: I own a Nugget but not a Cushy Couch, but I have nothing against the Cushy Couch! Click here for my full Nugget review.

nugget vs cushy couch comparison

What are the differences between a Nugget and a Cushy Couch?

Cushy Couch is another popular Nugget alternative, especially for Canadians!

Based on reviews on Facebook, the foam is not as sturdy for builds as compared to the Nugget.

However, the Cushy couch is said to be very lightly compressed so it fluffs up a lot faster than the Nugget. Read about the Nugget foam expanding!

There are 2 interesting additions that the Cushy Couch has available.

First is the Cushy Camper, a waterproof outdoors version. This is super cool if you like to camp, watch movies outdoors, or lounge outside.

They also offer expansion kits, including cubes beams and rectangles. I have heard that these don’t hold mich weight, but they are cool for building!

Cover Material


The Nugget is made of microsuede that is soft and comfortable.

Cushy Couch

The Cushy Couch covers are said to be softer and more velvety than the Nugget covers.



Nugget covers are machine washable, hang to dry.

Cushy Couch

Cushy Couch suggests spot cleaning when possible, but they can be machine washed on delicate.



Nugget comes in 3 permanent colors – black, gray, and navy – and a rotating slate of seasonal colors. There are currently 15 limited edition colors!

Cushy Couch

The Cushy Couch comes in 8 colors – oyster, midnight, avocado, fawn, steel, orchard, pacific, navy.



Rectangular cushions are 33″ x 66″.

Cushy Couch

The Cushy Couch is exactly the same, 33″ deep, 66″ long.

Ease of purchase & delivery time


Nuggets are now available and ready to ship!

Cushy Couch

Cushy Couch is available immediately and is said to ship VERY quickly.



Nugget sells for $249 with free shipping in the USA. Click here to shop Nuggets!

Cushy Couch

Cushy Couch sells for $399.

Summary of differences

Here are all of the differences summarized in a handy table!

NuggetCushy Couch
Cover MaterialMicro suedeMicro suede
WashabilityMachine washableMachine washable
Colors18 colors8 colors
Size33″ x 66″33″ x 66″
Delivery Timeimmediateimmediate

See my comparison of all of the Nugget knock offs here!

Thanks for reading!

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