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How to make a Nugget Christmas tree

Want to set your Nugget comfort kid’s couch up like a Christmas tree? Here’s how to do it and some great decorating ideas!

Nuggets are a super popular Christmas gift for toddlers and kids. Whether you are trying to surprise your kids with the Nugget as a gift or just want to make your Nugget more festive for the holiday season, the Nugget Christmas tree is a great build!

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christmas tree build for nuggets

How to make a Nugget Christmas tree

This is a great 1 nugget configuration idea! See more single Nugget configuration ideas.

  1. Make your thick triangle in a tent position.
  2. Place a triangle on top, laying horizontal.
  3. Put the thin triangle as a tent over top.
  4. Top with a horizontal triangle.
Nugget christmas tree configuration

Nugget Christmas tree decoration ideas

Want to decorate your Nugget tree? Here are some ideas:

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