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How to stick felt to a Nugget couch!

There are so many fun ways to play with a Nugget couch, but one of them is to stick felt to it! Here’s a simple tutorial on how to stick felt to a nugget couch!

We are obsessed with our Nugget kids couches.

They are awesome for building forts, obstacle courses, slides, and tons of configurations!

But, you can also learn them for more small-scale imaginative play.

Our favorite way to do that is by sticking felt to the side of the Nuggets!

how to stick felt to a nugget comfort kids couch

How to stick felt to a Nugget couch!

Nugget sticks to the sides of a Nugget using static electricity. It should stick directly on contact, our 1 year old can do it!

If pieces aren’t sticking, rub the felt agains carpet, fabric, or itself to build up static.

I like to lay a nugget rectangle on it’s side for a nice flat vertical work surface for the felt!

sticking felt shapes to a nugget couch

Does felt stick to all Nuggets?

Yes, felt sticks to both the original and double brushed Nugget materials!

toddler sticking a felt map to a nugget comfort couch

Where do you get felt to stick to a Nugget?

I like to use educational or themed felt sets on my Nugget but you could use any felt – even buy rectangles of it and cut your own shapes!

My favorite spots to buy felt shapes are:

  • dollar store
  • target dollar spot
  • etsy
felt cut outs stuck to a nugget kids couch

Any questions about sticking felt to the Nugget?

Thanks for reading!

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