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22 Fun & Easy Santa Snacks for Kids

If you are trying to get your kids into the Christmas spirit, start with their food! Here are a ton of Santa themed snacks to make for kids!

I’m so excited for my kids’ Christmas this year. They are 1 and 3 years old and for the first time I feel like they are both cognizant and REALLY EXCITED for Christmas.

One thing that I am doing to foster that sense of excitement is to turn December into a whole month of fun holiday activities.

An easy way to do that is my festiv-izing their snacks! There are tons of Christmas snacks to make the season feel a little more special.

Healthy Christmas Treat ideas

Looking for healthy Christmas snack ideas for kids? Instead of basing snacks around cookies and candies, try using:

  • Babybel cheese (wrap to look like santa)
  • Fruit (kebabs or cups)
  • Bananas
  • Pancakes (fun shapes with cookie cutters)
  • Fruit cups (decorate to look like santa, reindeer, snowman, etc)
  • Cheese and crackers (cookie cutter cheese into Christmas shapes)
22 santa snack ideas

Kids Christmas party food

There’s LOTS of cute Christmas party food that kids will love!

Fun & Easy Santa Snacks for Kids

Looking for the perfect Christmas snacks to make for kids?! Here are a ton of SANTA themed Christmas snack ideas!

What’s your favorite Christmas themed snack to make?!

Thanks for reading!

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