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Nugget Obstacle Course Ideas

Want to turn your Nugget kids’ couches into an obstacle course? Here are our best ideas and what works for our family!

We absolutely adore our Nugget kid’s couches and have a lot of fun getting creative when playing with them.

Whether you have a large play area or just keep your Nugget comfort in a corner of your living room, building an obstacle course is a really fun way to up your game on indoor play days.

Be sure to check out all of our indoor obstacle course ideas for kids!

Here are some of the best ways that we build Nugget obstacle courses!

Accessories to pair with your Nugget for an obstacle course

Here’s what we love pairing with our Nuggets for an obstacle course:

Ideas for making the ultimate nugget obstacle course

Nugget Obstacle Course Ideas

Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate a Nugget comfort kids couch into our indoor obstacle course ideas for our kids!

Nugget set up as a ramp on the back of a couch

Set up a ramp

Set up your Nugget as a ramp and have climbing up it be a step!

Set up a slide

If you are brave and have a two story space, set up Nuggets as a slide down the stairs (my kids are too little to do this!)

Nugget triangles set up vertically for obstacle course

Vertical triangles

You can set up one or two triangles vertically. Place it next to a thick cushion folded in half for the perfect step up, then jump down onto a soft cushion or squishy pillows.

You can also set up vertical triangles for kids to run through. My son loves knocking them to the ground.

Horizontal triangles

Lay triangles horizontally to create “speed bumps” to climb over OR if you have 2 or more Nuggets or an extra pillow pack stack them to create a pyramid to climb!

Nugget set up as a tunnel

Build a tunnel

One of the simplest ways to incorporate a Nugget into an obstacle course is by using the folded base pieces to make a triangular tunnel to crawl thru.

Climb & Jump

Set up a tower or stair steps with the base pieces and have kiddos climb up and then jump down into a pile of pillows or a ball pit.

2 Nugget climbing ideas

The Up and Down

I love this one Nugget set up – Place the thick piece flat, a triangle on either end, and the soft piece on top. This is popular for lounging but we love it for a climb up, roll down, climb up, jump down obstacle course!

Nugget set up with 2 triangles

Have dad lay on the floor

If your kid is anything like ours, their favorite thing to do is hop on pop or climb on dad’s face. Just have dad lay horizontally on the ground and perhaps cover his most sensitive bits 😉


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