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How to make Nugget Comfort stairs: a step by step guide

Want to make the trendy Nugget staircase? Here’s how to make it – no matter how many Nuggets you have – and even add a slide!

Nugget recently shared an awesome staircase step build on their instagram page.

It inspired me to try this build out myself!

I was super impressed. It’s extremely stable (my husband laid on it with our 2 year old, so it’s really strong!)

Nugget steps and slide

It is super interactive – we set ours up with stairs and a slide.

This build would pair great with a slide or a wobble board, too!

We’ve been having a ton of fun with this build, so I wanted to share a step by step how to guide with you today!

how to build nugget comfort steps staircase and slide

How to make Nugget Comfort stairs

I made the below set up using 4 Nuggets, but you can modify it to use less Nuggets. You need at least 2 to make this build, but just do the same thing, less tall with less.

If you have just 2 nuggets, you only need horizontal triangles in the back. Or, you can build this off a couch or sofa!

nugget steps and slide


Lay a thick foam piece flat on the ground.


Layer a second, thin foam piece on top, about 6 inches back.


Repeat with as many Nuggets as you have

triangle support pieces for a nugget staircase


Put triangles in the back. 2 triangles can lay horizontally. If you have 3 or more Nuggets, place a row vertically behind the horizontal triangles – you can fit 3 vertically.

Alternatively, use a chair or couch to help prop it up.

nugget staircase and slide


You can opt to use a firm rectangle as a slide down one side! For shorter stairs, position so one half is flat on top of the stairs and the other half angled down.


nugget comfort staircase steps

Stairs build with 3 Nuggets

Three Nugget configuration ideas the stairs + slide

Here’s a stairs and slide build with 3 nuggets. Check out all of my 3 nugget build ideas!

Thanks for reading!

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