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Fun & Easy Nugget Tunnel Build Ideas

Want to get creative building with your Nugget comfort kids couch? Here are out favorite Nugget Tunnel Build Ideas.

We LOVE our Nuggets (hello, we have 4) and use them to make forts, obstacle courses, couches, slides, and of course, tunnels!

Tunnels are great as a cozy reading spot or as a part of active play.

Our kids (age 2.5 and 4) are at a big imagination stage. They love to pretend to be trains chugging through the tunnel!

Here are some of our favorite tunnel Nugget builds including single and 2 Nugget options.

nugget comfort tunnel ideas

Nugget Tunnel Build Ideas

To build a classic Nugget tunnel, all you need to do is fold a rectangular piece in half.

The thicker, stiff pieces hold up better as secure tunnels. However, the thinner rectangles will work just as well – just know that wild kids might knock them over.

I sometimes place the triangles on the floor next to the thin folded tunnel to help give it extra support!

toddler climbing through a nugget tunnel

You only need one Nugget to make a simple tunnel! Even half a nugget will do.

nugget tunnel build

This is that same simple tunnel build but with 2 nuggets.

nugget tunnel configuration

This is just one Nugget but with the triangles on top, just for extra drama.

nugget tunnel build

You can also add a triangle-folded rectangular piece on any other build. We like to add them to any ramp and throw balls down them!

nugget tunnel build

This is a totally different type of tunnel, on the side of a fort build. This was made with 2 Nuggets, using 3 of the triangles for support.

Yes, it will fall if you bump the triangles. It’s still fun!

three nugget build ideas - the double car port

Another “lean-to” style tunnel to crawl through, this one using 3 Nuggets.

Nugget build - maze style fort

This was 2 nuggets just sort of thrown around to make a “maze” type game. Placing one piece on it’s side gives you an instant tunnel/cave.

nugget tunnel build

One of our Ultimate Builds – two ramps AND a tunnel! SUPER FUN with 4 Nuggets.

4 nugget build

This is all 4 of our Nuggets but could be easily modified to be less and is a good example of adding a folded rectangle on top of anything for a fun tunnel add-on!

2 nugget build with ramp and slide

These builds could be designed to NOT be against a wall and would therefore be turned into small tunnels.

mayberry nugget with lagoon in artificial light
mayberry nugget with lagoon in artificial light

Similarly, This build is super stable with or without the wall and would be great as a tunnel build! This is just one nugget!

Nugget pyramid configuration

Nugget builds using a tunnel

Ok, these builds don’t use the nuggets as a tunnel but pair well with a collapsable play tunnel!

Play tunnels are one of my favorite Nugget accessories and perfect because they fold completely flat to store easily.

throwing balls down a tunnel

We love using tunnels as ball chutes (see above) or as a part of an obstacle course (see below)!

play tunnel _ nugget

What’s your favorite Nugget build?

Thanks for reading!

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