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Single Nugget Couch Configuration Ideas

Looking for Nugget couch configuration ideas? Here are some of our favorite single Nugget couch builds!

We are obsessed with our Nugget comfort couches! They are our favorite place to play, hang out, build, and play rough and tumble with our two kids.

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We actually have 4 Nuggets, but we do a lot of builds that are just one!

With more Nuggets, you can do more interesting things, but having just one Nugget still gives you lots of opportunities for imaginative play.

Nugget after 24 hours
Nugget 24 hours out of the box

Here are our favorite Nugget configuration ideas!

Of course, with any configuration, safety is always key. It’s important that all configurations are made safely.

With single Nugget configurations, there isn’t as much opportunity for builds to be unsturdy, but still make sure you are always building with safety in mind.

Here are our tips for making Nugget builds sturdier!

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nugget configuration ideas

Nugget couch configuration ideas

The couch

nugget couch set up

The classic couch – as seen on the box! To be fair, it’s much more comfy with two nuggets, but this is a fine height for kids to sit on.

Remember that it is always more comfortable, and more sturdy, to have the thick foam piece on the base and the soft foam on top.

Pair this set up with squishmallows for a cozy TV watching spot!

The stack

Nugget stack set up

This is the easiest way to store a nugget when not in use!

This is a more comfortable height for an adult to sit on, and is cool for ideas that require climbing.

Some people set their Nuggets up like this as an ottoman with their couch when not in use. Genius!

The lounge

nugget lounge configuration

Head up, feet up, the perfect place to read a book!

We also love this for obstacle courses where you climb up, roll down, climb up, jump off!

Warning: you have to get the thin cushion the right way for this to set right. You want the seam side down. If it isn’t sitting right, flip it!

This is also a great configuration for rolling down cars or balls or as a play space for dolls!

The house

nugget house fort configuration

A simple but sweet little fort set up. Surprisingly sturdy! Put the triangles wherever you like.

Add eyeballs to make a simple Nugget monster! Or, throw a blanket over the front for a door.

The Christmas tree

Nugget christmas tree configuration

This is a popular build to decorate with felt cut outs or lights for Christmas card photos or with Elf on the Shelf!

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Some people (ahem, my husband) also say this build looks like a person with a head arms and legs. You’re welcome for that visual.

The car port

nugget carport configuration

This is about as big of a fort that you can build with just one Nugget. Not bad!

If it keeps falling, prop one end on a couch and the other end with two triangles.

This one won’t hold much weight on top, but it’s fun for playing underneath!

The tent

Nugget tent configuration

You can’t beat the stability of this build, with the bottom mat making it extra cozy.

This is the perfect reading cave for your child, but don’t expect to crawl in there with them!

The pyramid

Nugget pyramid configuration

This build is great because it’s raised for a bit more headroom inside the fort.

To be honest, it isn’t super stable. Let kids knock it down, that’s half the fun!

The diamond

Nugget diamond configuration

This lounge-fort combo is a great place to curl up and read a book!

This one also has a tendency to fall down. Building against a wall or piece of furniture helps with stability.

The ramp

Nugget ramp configuration

Climb on up! This isn’t the sturdiest build but is made a lot better if it rests on the seat of a chair or couch, too.

This is also great for throwing balls or cars down the ramp!

The mountain

Nugget climb the mountain configuration

A sturdier climbing build, also great for including in obstacle courses!

This is a really good option for bigger kids – it’s pretty stable for just one Nugget!

The tunnel

nugget tunnel configuration

A favorite of our cat (lol), you can’t beat a Nugget tunnel!

Perfect for obstacle courses and other active play.

There are so many things you can do with a tunnel that this is one of our favorites in general.

Up and in

Nugget up and in configuration

Kids love sitting on top and throwing balls down the ramp!

This build is fairly stable but add pillows underneath for bigger kids and building against a wall helps.

The double cave

nugget double cave configuration

Two kids? No problem. With this build they each get their own room. Not bad for one Nugget!

If you have a second Nugget, doing this with the two thick foam pieces adds extra stability.

The lean to

Nugget lean to configuration

Another 2 room, 1 Nugget build. A little less stable, but a lot more headroom for kid #2!

This is a great build for the kids to crash and rebuild and crash and rebuild, my 3 year old’s favorite game.

What’s your favorite Nugget building ideas?

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