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How to clean a Nugget couch

Wondering how to wash your Nugget cover? It is super easy! Here is a step by step guide on how to do it!

Uh oh, did you spend a lot of money on a Nugget kid’s couch and then your kids stained it immediately? Have no fear, here’s how easy it is to clean!

Our Nugget is our absolutely favorite kid’s toy. It can serve so many purposes – a couch, a chair, a ramp, a fort – the list goes on!

However, it is often eaten, drooled, and walked on. Toddlers and kids are messy, and one fantastic thing about the Nugget compared to its competitors is that the cover is fully removable and washable.

The cover is made from microsuede that is really durable and machine washing works great to make it clean again.

We have washed our Nugget cover several times and it still looks fantastic. Seriously, this is an amazingly high quality toy!

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how to clean a nugget kids couch

How to wash a Nugget couch cover

Washing a Nugget cover is super simple! Always wash cold by itself and hang dry to prevent shrinking.

What you need:

  • Nugget couch
  • Washing machine
  • Detergent of choice

Steps to wash a Nugget cover:

  1. If there are any specific major stains, I recommend spot cleaning them first with an upholstery cleaner.
  2. Unzip the zippers and remove the covers from each of the Nugget pieces including the supportive pillows.
  3. Wash in your washing machine on COLD with your choice of detergent – I prefer something Free & Clear.
  4. Hang dry to prevent shrinking.
  5. Replace the covers on the cushions.

How to get the cover back on a Nugget

Honestly the hardest part about washing a Nugget cover is getting the foam back on.

For best results, unzip the cover and place the side with 3 of the 4 sides down on the ground, with the single side “flap” up.

Place the foam on top and pull the side pieces around. Put down the flap and zip up!

Here is a step by step tutorial with photos showing how I get the covers back on my nugget foam!

How to get pet hair off of a Nugget

We have a long haired cat and a white sheddy dog so we get the pet hair problem.

There are 2 best solutions for getting pet hair off of a Nugget – vacuum or use a lint roller.

It is a microsuede material so things stick to it, but we have pretty good success getting it off either of these ways.

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How to clean Nugget foam cushions

The most important thing with stained foam is to act quickly.

  1. Sop up any liquid with rags
  2. Apply a stain remover or enzyme cleaner for urine
  3. Use a wet vac if you have one or carpet spot cleaner to soak up moisture
  4. Lay out in the sun to dry fully before putting the covers back on

If you have recurring issues with staining the foam, you might want to consider buying a waterproof liner!

How to clean stains off a Nugget

It is obviously easier to spot clean a Nugget cover, just beause you don’t have to take the covers off to do so.

I also recommend immediately spot cleaning major spills or stains, even if you plan to wash the cover fully. It can only help get it clean!

Nugget themselves recommend Folex Carpet Spot Remover, but any carpet upholstery cleaner works great.

You can also try cleaning small spots with a moist cloth and even a little detergent. This is a simple way to get off small stuff.

Here is the official best way to remove different types of stains from a Nugget:

Stain TypeBest Remover
ChocolateFolex or Oxiclean
CrayonAmodex or Rubbing Alcohol
Dry Erase MarkerRubbing Alcohol
FruitFolex or Oxiclean
GlueRubbing Alcohol
GreaseFolex or Oxiclean
Nail PolishAcetone
StickersRubbing Alcohol
SyrupFolex or Oxiclean
TomatoesFolex or Oxiclean
UrineEnzyme Cleaner (Natures Miracle)

Get the free stain remover cheat sheet!

Read Nugget’s official care guide here.

how to clean a nugget kids couch

How to clean a Nugget couch

Yield: 1 clean nugget
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Additional Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 2 hours 15 minutes

Need to wash your Nugget couch cover? Here is the easiest way to do it!


  • Nugget couch
  • Detergent of choice
  • Upholstery cleaner


  • Washing machine
  • Hook or somewhere to hang
  • Damp cloth or rag


  1. If there are specific stains, treat them first with an upholstery spot cleaner and a moist rag.
  2. Unzip the cover from the four cushions and pull off.
  3. Wash on COLD with detergent of choice.
  4. Hang dry completely - ours is dry overnight without a problem.
  5. Replace the covers on the cushions and enjoy.

Thanks for reading!

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