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101 Summer Bucket List Ideas

Looking for Summer bucket list ideas to keep you and your kids busy and happy this summer? Here are tons of ideas for friends and families to do together – and a FREE printable list!

Summertime is my favorite time of the year. It’s hot, the days are long, and it feels like there are so many special occasions.

However, if you are off of your normal routine – kids are home from school, college is out, you have a break from work – the days can feel long and the weeks can feel longer.

Enter the summer bucket list.

A bucket list is a great way to make a big list of fun ideas to have in your back pocket. When someone feels bored or restless, refer to the bucket list for a new activity.

Let the summer fun begin!

Click here to download the FREE printable summer bucket list!

101 summer bucket list ideas

What is a bucket list?

A bucket list is a list of activities or accomplishments you want to get done by a set date or time. Traditionally it’s before you “kick the bucket,” but in our case, it is by the end of summer!

What makes a great bucket list for kids?

A great way to make your kids get excited about a bucket list is to let them be involved. You can give them ideas – and I have tons of ideas for you! – but you should also let them come up with some ideas and get to choose what makes the cut.

A lot of these are ideas for kids but a lot of them could also work for teens, college students, roommates, or couples. Fun activities have no age limit!

How to use the bucket list

Print the list and hang it up on your fridge or bulletin board. Or, write ideas on slips of paper and create a Bored Jar for the summer!

How to make a custom bucket list

If you want to make a bucket list that is perfect for you, you need to first think about your priorities and what you want to do!

Do you want to spend time outside? Focus on outdoor activities!

Want to learn new skills? Think about classes you can take or museums you might visit.

Pick specific bucket list ideas that suit your goals for the ultimate customized summer bucket list.

summer bucket list printable

Ultimate Summer Bucket List Ideas

Here are a ton of fun summer activity ideas to get your summer bucket list started! I tried to focus on things that were very cheap or free and could be done with or without kids. Enjoy!

  1. Pick strawberries
  2. Have a water balloon fight
  3. Make ice cream from scratch
  4. Visit a museum
  5. Fly a kite
  6. Decorate a sidewalk with chalk
  7. Blow bubbles
  8. Paint rocks
  9. Tie dye t-shirts
  10. Try origami
  11. Go for a hike
  12. Have a picnic
  13. Stargaze
  14. Catch fireflies
  15. Watch fireworks
  16. Dance in the rain
  17. Watch a sunrise
  18. Watch a sunset
  19. Have a food fight
  20. Plant a garden
  21. Host a scavenger hunt
  22. Bury a time capsule
  23. Go to the library
  24. Go for a bike ride
  25. Play in the sprinklers
  26. Play on a slip and slide
  27. Make s’mores
  28. Have a pillow fight
  29. Camp in the back yard
  30. Do a random act of kindness (here are ideas for Random Acts of Kindness for Kids!)
  31. Play flashlight tag
  32. Paint a wall
  33. Play bingo
  34. Bake treats for a neighbor
  35. Make homemade pizza
  36. Identify plants in your neighborhood
  37. Make paper airplanes
  38. Skip rocks on a pond
  39. Have a yard sale
  40. Decorate cookies
  41. Have a favorite movie marathon
  42. Host a game night
  43. Make popsicles
  44. Take a class and learn a new skill
  45. Feed the ducks
  46. Make pickles
  47. Go to a local festival
  48. Do a craft
  49. Have a “yes” day
  50. Build a sandcastle
  51. Have breakfast for dinner
  52. Organize a drawer or closet
  53. Cook a new recipe
  54. Build a fort
  55. Start a collection
  56. Make sushi
  57. Play hide and seek
  58. Eat a watermelon
  59. Walk through a new neighborhood
  60. Catch fireflies
  61. Make ice cream floats
  62. Try a new vegetable
  63. Wear your pajamas all day
  64. Sit by the fire and sing
  65. Invite someone new to dinner
  66. Set up a bird feeder
  67. Play dodge ball
  68. Take a nap in a hammock
  69. Make mud pies
  70. Read at least ten books – check out this summer reading list!
  71. Go fishing
  72. Make a new friend
  73. Get a pen pal
  74. Visit a new park
  75. Get a house plant
  76. Wrap a gift with recycled wrapping paper
  77. Play Marco Polo
  78. Plant flowers
  79. Feed ducks or birds
  80. Cook dinner over a bonfire
  81. Visit a farmer’s market
  82. Have a slumber party
  83. Go to an outdoor concert
  84. Do a good deed
  85. Make slime
  86. Have a water gun war
  87. Shop at a yard sale
  88. Write and mail a handwritten letter
  89. Ride in a boat
  90. Make ice cream sundaes
  91. Roast marshmallows
  92. Teach a dog a new trick
  93. Petsit for a friend
  94. Decorate bikes and have a parade
  95. Unplug for 1 day
  96. Sleep in a tent
  97. Visit an ice cream truck
  98. Make tortillas from scratch
  99. Attend a sporting event
  100. Paint a landscape
  101. Video chat a friend or relative
summer bucket list flat lay

Free printable Summer Bucket List!

Want to print your bucket list and hang it on the fridge or a bulletin board? You are in luck! Click here to sign up and I will email you a Summer bucket list printable!

You will get two files – one is filled in with 50 Summer bucket list ideas and the other has blanks so that you and your family can add your own ideas!

What’s on your summer bucket list?

Thanks for reading!

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