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The Best Montessori style toy shelves for your Playroom

Looking for the best Montessori style toy shelves? These are super popular shelves for those following the Montessori method! Here are the best shelves you can find on the internet.

We don’t follow Montessori – but I do admire it and try to bring some aspects of this parenting style into our home.

One thing that I love is the look of furniture that is commonly used in a Montessori playroom or classroom.

I was so inspired by it that we decided to use this style of shelf (plus a Montessori forward facing bookshelf) in our loft play area!

This style of book shelf is very popular with those following the Montessori style of child raising and playroom decorating.

We built our own Montessori style toy shelves, but I know that some of you might prefer to purchase one.

So, I decided to round up some of the best toy shelves available for purchase! I hope this helps you decorate your playroom or young child’s space!

Here’s my guide to the best front facing bookshelves!

montessori style toy shelf
DIY Montessori front-facing bookshelf

What is a Montessori style toy shelf?

Montessori toy shelves are low to the ground and made of natural wood. The most important thing is that kids can reach and access their own toys independently.

There shouldn’t be cabinet doors or anything blocking the toys from view.

How should I set up my Montessori playroom shelf?

These toy shelves should be set up with minimal toys, so that kids don’t have to dig but can see each toy.

(This is where we struggle trying to commit to montessori. We have so.many. little toys, and most of them are gifted to us and I don’t feel like I can decline them or take them away from my kids.)

Trays or baskets are allowed in Montessori. I’d look for shelves with spots large enough to fit bins or baskets you like to use for toys. I live by bins for kids toys!

Don’t put anything on the shelves that kids could break or mess up. It should be a “yes” space where everything is a yes!

the best montessori toy shelves for your playroom

Montessori Toy Shelves on Amazon

Amazon is an easy place to get a Montessori bookshelf from. They have tons of options and many are supported with Prime quick shipping and free returns!

Things to keep in mind when looking at forward facing bookshelves on Amazon:

Montessori Toy Shelves from Etsy

If you want a handmade shelf, or prefer to support small businesses, Etsy is a great place to shop!

Be sure to check shipping times – custom orders often take a while!

Also, be sure to check shipping costs – for large items like shelves, shipping can add up!

Here are some of my favorite shelves available on Etsy:

Front Facing Bookshelves from other places

Of course there are many other places that you can get Montessori style shelves from other than Amazon!

When shopping at other stores, be sure to verify if there is an additional shipping cost and what the return policy or cost is.

Here are some of my favorites:

Prefer to DIY your shelves?

Here is our tutorial + printable woodworking plans to build your own Montessori style toy shelves!

Thanks for reading!

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