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Nugget Alternatives Available in the UK

Want a Nugget kid’s couch but live in the UK? Here’s the deal with ordering them – and some UK alternatives!

Nuggets are a wildly popular kid’s modular couch that can be used for building, lounging, and imaginative play.

You can read my full Nugget review here.

Let’s talk about your options for getting a toddler couch in the UK!

Here are Nugget alternatives for Canada and Australia, too!

Can you buy Nugget couch in the UK?

Nugget does NOT ship to the UK. The only way to get a Nugget to the UK is to purchase one, have it shipped to the US or Canada, and then have the recipient ship it on to the UKE.

That’s a lot of shipping, and it might be a better use of your time and money to just buy a modular kids couch that ships to the UK!

UK alternatives to the nugget kids play couches

Nugget Couch Alternatives in the UK

Most of the UK versions of play couches are much more expensive than the US versions. This is because of different regulations on foam in the UK, making the manufacturing and materials more expensive.

You can see our complete Nugget alternative comparison here.


The Sofee is very similar in appearance to a Nugget. It includes the same basic pieces.

You can also buy extra wedges which is the equivalent of a Nugget pillow pack.

It comes in 6 colors and sells for £445.


The Dova is another great option in the UK. They are super gorgeous with extra luxurious looking fabric.

These sofas include the “Standard” nugget like pieces PLUS two rectangular beams.

They offer 12 colors and retail for £385.


OrKid is the most popular and highly recommended Nugget alternative in the UK. However, they are currently paused on orders due to the rising cost of materials.

These couches come in a faux suede or a leatherette material.

They offer an 11 piece set and a 6 piece set, with loads of possibilities for building!

Any other Nugget alternatives for the UK?!

Thanks for reading!

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