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Epic Kidz Play Couch Review

Looking for a play couch to add to your collection? Here’s my Epic Kidz Play Couch review – let’s see if it’s the right choice for your family!

Play couches are super popular for families with kids of all ages. They allow kids to be creative, active, and playful.

We love our play couches and love exploring new play couches as they come available.

We recently had the opportunity to try out an Epic Kidz play couch and are excited to share our thoughts today.

Epic Kidz Play Couch Review

Epic Kidz Play Couch Review

What is the Epic Kidz Play Couch?

Epic Kidz is a Canadian-based brand that offers a variety of kids toys including three different play couch sets.

They offer a variety of uniquely shaped pieces for really fun fort builds.

Their basic play couch set is great – and it’s an especially good option for Canadians due to price and ease of shipping.

Where the Epic Kidz sets really shine in my opinion are in their fun cushion shapes that can be used independently or as an add on to basic play couches for lots of fun! These are shapes you don’t see with other brands and are very unique!

What do I love about the Epic Kidz play couch?

There are a lot of play couches available for kids. Where Epic Kidz stands out is with the fun shapes that they offer for fort builds.

I also love that all of the Epic Kidz play couches come with waterproof covers, making them protected from messes, and they are included in the total cost.

zipper cover on Epic Kidz play couch

Another little touch I love about these play couches is the fact that they have pockets for the zipper pulls to tuck into. This helps to prevent them from scratching your walls and to cut down on temptations for kids to pull on them.

If you are Canadian, you will love shopping from a local brand and one that offers free shipping within Canada (and the US!)

epic kids play couch in couch set up

What are the parts of an Epic Kidz play couch?

There are three Epic Kidz play couch set ups:

Epic Fort Building Play Couch

  • 1 thick solid base made up of 2 connected foam pieces (dimensions: 84cm x 168cm x 14cm)
  • A second thick base made up of 2, unconnected removable archways (dimensions: 84cm x 168cm x 14cm)
  • 2 large trapezoid cushions that cover the full width of the bases (24cm x 26cm x 57cm, 9.4″ x 10.2″ x 22.4″)

This is the set that we got and I’ll be sharing photos of throughout this post.

I love the trapezoid cushions better than a triangle if you want to use this as a couch. They have a 90 degree angle back, so it can go flat against a wall without sliding or sitting awkwardly.

The arches are SO FUN for using as doors, bridges, and tunnels for obstacle courses and fort builds.

epic kids play couch stacked

Ultimate Creativity 12-Piece Play Couch

  • 1 base made up of 2 connected foam pieces (dimensions: 84cm x 168cm x 11.5cm, 33″ x 66″ x 4.5″)
  • 2 rectangular prisms (42cm x 84cm x 11.5cm, 16.5″ x 33″ x 4.5″)
  • 2 larger rectangular prisms (29cm x 27cm x 57cm, 11.4″ x 10.6″ x 22.4″)
  • 2 semi-circles (59cm x 29cm x 11.5cm, 23″ x 11.4″ x 4.5″)
  • 2 arches (84cm x 42cm x 11.5cm, 33″ x 16.5″ x 4.5″)
  • 2 trapezoidal prisms (24cm x 26cm x 57cm, 9.4″ x 10.2″ x 22.4″)

Play Couch with Triangle Pieces

  • 1 thicker base made up of 2 connected foam pieces (dimensions: 84cm x 168cm x 14cm, 33″ x 66″ x 5.5″)
  • 1 thinner base made up of 2 connected foam pieces (dimensions: 84cm x 84cm x 8cm, 33″ x 66″ x 3.15″)
  • 2 support cushions (triangular prisms) (dimensions: 55cm x 34cm x 33cm, 21.7″ x 13″ x 13″)

This set is most similar to the Nugget and other traditional play couches! The covers and waterproof covers are compatible with Nuggets!

Add ons

(available in light grey, dark grey and midnight blue)

  • Arches/doors in our Epic Fort Building set sold separately in packs of 2 (includes waterproof liners)
  • Trapezoids in our Epic Fort Building set sold separately in packs of 2 (includes waterproof liners)
  • Giant wedges with a slippery top so they are fun slides sold separately in packs of 2 (includes waterproof liners)
close up of epic kidz handles

Cover Material

The covers are OEKO-TEX® certified microsuede that is super soft, durable and machine washable.

Every set includes waterproof liners. These are EPIC and go between the foam and the microsuede to help keep spills and accidents out. Moisture + foam can = mold, so these are a fabulous preventative measure.

It’s worth noting that the waterproof liners all came separate from the foam pieces, so I had to take each cover off, put on the waterproof liner, and then put the cover back on before my kids could play.

It was a decent amount of work, but now that they are on we should be good to go.

epic kids play couch in couch set up


The covers are machine washable on cold, hang dry. You can spot clean the foam, but the waterproof covers should keep it pretty clean.


Epic Kidz offers light grey, midnight blue, light blue, blush pink, dark grey ,sand, dark moss green and mustard yellow covers.


The base of these couches is 33″x66″, or folds to be 33″ square. I love how all of the pieces like the arches and smaller rectangles in the 12 piece set puzzle together to fit that same shape.

epic kids play couch in fort set up

Ease of purchase & delivery time

These couches are readily available and ship immediately.

There is free Canada and contiguous US shipping (most provinces and states) on orders over $200.

If you are local, there is free pickup within 24 hours in Calgary SE.


The Epic Kidz basic play couch is priced slightly higher than Nugget, BUT you should note that they include waterproof liners, which are $99 from Nugget. If you planned to buy liners, they are very close in price and for Canadians (with shipping) are actually cheaper.

There is also a $50 welcome coupon for new shoppers on their site by signing up for the email list.

Play Couch with Triangle Pieces

$349 USD, $389 CAD without liners

$379 USD, $439 CDN with liners

Epic Fort Building Play Couch

$569 USD, $679 CAD

Ultimate Creativity 12-Piece Play Couch

$549 USD, $619 CAD

epic kids play couch in tunnel set up

Epic Kidz Play Couch vs Nugget

The Nugget is a super popular play couch option, so I thought I would compare the Epic Kidz Play Couch with Triangle pieces, which is the most comparable set up.

NuggetEpic Kidz Play Couch
Cover MaterialMicro suedeMicro suede
WashabilityMachine washableMachine washable
Waterproof covers$99 extraIncluded
Colors18 colors8 colors
Size33″ x 66″33″ x 66″
Delivery TimeImmediateImmediate
Price$249 (+ $99 for liners)$389 CAD ($349 USD)
Shipping to Canada$59 (free to USA)Free (& free to USA)

It’s worth reminding that the Fort Building set and 12 piece sets offer really cool shaped pieces that Nugget doesn’t offer. They are a great on their own and as an add-on to an existing play couch set if you already have a basic set (or two!)

Epic Kidz Play Couch Coupon code

You can use coupon code CWK15 to get 15% off your Epic Kidz purchase.

Any more questions about the Epic Kidz play couch?

Thanks for reading!

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