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You’ve been booed free printable & basket ideas

Want to boo your neighbors? Here’s everything you need to know – and a “you’ve been booed” free printable!

Halloween is just the most fun holiday to me. It’s all about the candy and the laughs and having a good time.

One tradition that we have been introduced to since moving to our new (large, very friendly) neighborhood is booing your neighbors.

At first I was like – oh man another thing to do – but I decided to lean into it, include our kids, and make it really fun!

We now love this Halloween tradition and enjoy it every year.

you've been booed free printable and what to put in a boo basket

What is the Halloween Booed game?

To Boo your neighbors, you secretly leave them a boo gift – usually a goodie bag or gift basket – on their porch.

Your neighbors then pass it on and give 2 boo bags on to other neighbors. It’s a bit like a pyramid scheme – but for halloween treats. It should spread quickly around the neighborhood!

Baskets usually include a we’ve been booed sign or door hanger so that houses don’t get booed twice, so there’s more for everyone.

It’s a fun halloween tradition for getting in the halloween spirit!

When should you start booing your neighbors?

I think that any time in October is fair game. This leaves plenty of time for it to ramp up and spread to many families.

what to put in a halloween boo basket

You’ve been Boo’ed basket ideas

Trying to figure out what to put in a boo basket for your neighbors? First, decide who you will be booing and tailor it to them. Do they have kids? Pets? A particular interest?

When in doubt, keep it simple and stick to candy and trinkets. I like to hit the dollar spot at target or the dollar store. I have been known to stick in a bottle of wine from our wine rack for adults. Nothing fancy – it’s more about the thought than any actual gift.

Here are some Booed Basket ideas:

  • Halloween Candy – split up a big bag across 2 or more boo baskets
  • Fall scented candle
  • Haloween masks
  • Spooky stickers
  • Small decor item
  • Homemade treat like cookies, brownies, rice krispies
  • Mini pumpkins
  • Small halloween item like plastic spider, fake fangs, etc

Keep it simple. This is not a place to blow the budget!

you've been booed free printable signs

You’ve been booed free printable sign + card

If you sign into our website below, you can get immediate access to a JPG version of the You’ve Been Booed printable.

you've been booed ghost printable

Or, click here to sign up and get access to our complete DropBox library of free kids printables. The You’ve Been Booed files are in the Fall Themed Printables folder!

Before you go…

Want Halloween gift ideas for your own family? Here are my best boo basket ideas for kids!

Thanks for reading!

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