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The best waterproof liners for Nuggets

Love your Nugget kids couches and want to protect them? Here are the best waterproof liners for Nuggets!

We love our Nuggets so very much. I don’t want them to get ruined!

But, if you have a spill on the Nugget and it gets to the foam, it can definitely get moldy and gross.

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Some of the top Nugget competitors biggest benefit over the Nugget is that they include waterproof liners.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if some time in the not-too-distant-future, Nugget releases waterproof liners.

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But for now, we have to go with an outside brand. Here are your options!

the best waterproof liners for nuggets

The best waterproof liners for Nuggets

Your options for Nugget liners are:

Goodnites Pads

Goodnites Pads are basically pee pee pads. They are designed to put under the sheets of bedwetters.

This is the least expensive option, they are disposable, and if they get wet you just replace them.

They will not however cover 100% of your Nugget.

Never Nudes

Never Nudes are an extremely popular option for lining your Nuggets. They are a full cover that goes under the Nugget cover and completely protects your foam.

They cost just under $100 (which is pretty significant, relative to the Nugget cost) and take a week or two to ship.

Never Nudes are very popular and work great to protect your foam. If you have a messy family and the extra cash, it might be worth it!

Nugget alternative covers

As I mentioned earlier, there are several Nugget alternatives that include waterproof liners.

The following brands allow you to purchase waterproof liners that will also fit a Nugget:

These are more expensive than the pee pee pads, but less than the Never Nudes. All great options!

What’s your favorite Nugget waterproof liner?

Thanks for reading!

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