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How to set up a nugget stair slide

Want to set up a nugget stair slide? Here is the easiest way – including tips on how many nuggets you need and which way to flip them for best success!

There are so many fun ways to play with the nugget – forts, obstacle courses, even using it as a couch, but lately we’ve been loving a few different Nugget slide ideas.

We are lucky enough that our play room is actually a standalone room on the third floor of our house. So it has a staircase dedicated to the playroom area. Because of this, my kids have been going wild with a nugget stair slide lately.

It seems pretty easy to put nuggets on the stairs and go, but there are a few little technicalities about how to position the Nuggets that I think it’s important to share. We’ve done a lot of trial and error and it’s really crucial that you flip the cushions the right way to avoid getting caught in the seams.

Before I show this tutorial, I have to say please please please be careful. Supervise your kids. Use good judgment. I’m not liable for any injuries. Slide at your own risk.

No stairs? No worries! Build this stair + slide combo Nugget build!

How many nuggets do you need to make a stair slide?

This will vary depending on the length of your stairs, but we use 3 firm nugget rectangles for our slide. I believe you could get away with 2 and a doubled up thin cushion at the end.

But, in our experience, a thin nugget rectangle is NOT firm enough to make a good slide. It tends to fold and you really feel the hard stairs underneath.

Who can use a nugget stair slide?

We have all been able to easily go down the Nugget slide – including my 6 foot two husband – but getting back up is another story.

My kids can literally just run up like mountain goats, but my husband and I have to pull ourselves up, holding on the railing.

It looks ridiculous, and especially with my husband, he tends to sort of break the slide as he climbs up, knocking the cushions down.

So, this is best for lighter weight kiddos, but your mileage may vary.

how to set up a nugget stair slide

How to set up a Nugget stair slide

Here’s how easy it is to set up a Nugget Stair Slide!

  1. Prepare the bottom of the stairs. This will vary depending on your space. We used 2 soft pieces sitting in L-formation to cushion the landing and the 2 walls there.
  2. Flip a thick/firm rectangle UPSIDE DOWN so the crack in on the underside and the seam is on top. This keeps you from catching on the crack as you slide.
  3. Slide that Nugget down the stairs.
  4. Repeat with a 2nd Nugget.
  5. Add a 3rd Nugget rectangle on top, this time flipped so the seam side is DOWN and the crack is UP. This will allow you to fold the nugget, so half sits on the top landing and half lays diagonally on the stairs.
  6. Slide carefully and enjoy. Always supervise your kids!

Please don’t blame me if your kids break a leg. Slide at your own risk!

Thanks for reading!

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