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Is a Chunk Play Ottoman worth it? An honest review!

Considering buying a Chunk play ottoman? Here’s a full review from a total Nugget and play couch lover – and her 3 & 5 year old kids!

Y’all know that I am a play couch aficionado, and so when Nugget announced that they were releasing a new toy, I got super excited. For the kids, of course.

You should know – we have 4 Nuggets and have tried out several competitors including Kiddie Couch, Baruma, and Epic Kidz play couch.

The top edge that these couches had over the nugget was the addition of fun and interesting add-on pieces. We have tried arches and gates, logs and sticks, and we love all of the different set ups.

But, I had never tried circles!

I actually love that Nugget went with something totally different for their first add on – and that they committed to the “couch” bit by adding on an ottoman – the Chunk!!

chunk play ottoman worth it

What is a Chunk?

Chunk is a play ottoman designed and manufactured by Nugget, the company that makes the super popular kid’s play couch.

This is the first add-on, new shape that Nugget has released (other than when they started selling triangle sets during the pandemic) and was much anticipated.

The Chunk is 33″ wide and 14.25″ high in its ottoman configuration.

Currently, the Chunk is only available from Nugget directly and comes in all of their fabric colors and swatches.

chunk as an ottoman with a nugget couch

What comes with the Chunk?

The Chunk is a 4 piece play ottoman set. It includes:

  • An outer donut piece (thick, firm foam)
  • 2 inner discs that fit inside the donut (thick, firm foam)
  • 1 round circle tabletop (thinner, soft foam)

This set does not include waterproof liners, though they can be purchased separately. I personally have liners on 1 of my Nuggets and find them unnecessary unless you regularly eat or drink on them or have super messy pets.

Read my guide to Nugget liners!

What can you do with the Chunk?

There are a ton of things that you can do with your Chunk play ottoman!


  • Using it as an ottoman (duh, I know!)
  • Play games and puzzles on it
  • Use it in Nugget builds
  • Sit inside it like a chair
  • Turn it into a ball pit
  • Put it on it’s side and roll in it
  • Turn it sideways and throw balls through it
  • Use it as a tunnel
  • Make the circles into stepping stones
  • Use the circles as wheels or other decorative additions to a build

Is the Chunk safe?

There has been some concern online about this toy not being safe. The general scenario that I have seen thrown around is that a child could climb inside the “donut” piece, have the inner circle shoved on top of them, and be trapped and/or suffocate.

While I don’t want to be disrespectful to those who are concerned for their child’s welfare (safety first, of course) I cannot fathom that actually happening, except with a baby – under 18 months old.

Remember – the donut piece is open on both sides, so for a kid to be inside with a pillow on top, the bottom would be fully open. All they have to do is sit up or move and they can get out.

While the inner circles have a tighter fit, it’s not air tight.

I’d honestly be more concerned about a kid going into the donut, putting a pillow on top, and a sibling body slamming them. Ouch!

Anyways, keep in mind the age recommendation and use your best judgment for your kids. And supervise your kids if you are worried about them being unsafe!

Rory is 3.5 and I feel 100% safe with her using it.

chunk nugget box

Who is the Chunk best for?

I think that the Chunk is great in a few specific situations:

  • You have a small home and don’t want to store a whole Nugget – the Chunk definitely could blend into a non-playroom easier than a Nugget does.
  • You are a grandparent, babysitter, or occasional kid-hoster and want a big kids toy that tucks up and away.
  • You LOVE play couches and want to expand your collection (honestly, get 1 per kid!)

Is a Chunk Play Ottoman worth it?

I think that the Chunk is absolutely worth is and great as a stand alone toy or as an addition to a play couch collection.

The main key factor is to make sure that you have the space for it – it is quite large – and that you can afford it. Don’t go into debt for a toy!

Assuming it makes sense in those areas, I think it’s a fantastic addition to any playroom!

Thanks for reading!

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