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The best jumping toys for toddlers

Want to give your kids a place to be wild and free? Here are the best jumping toys for toddlers that make great gifts, too!

I don’t know about you, but my kids are wild and crazy. They love to run and jump – inside and out.

I am all about giving them safe ways to play wild. For us, that means a lot of nugget play couches, pikler triangles when they were younger, and tons of jumping toys.

Here are some of our very favorite jumping toys for young kids!

The best jumping toys for toddlers

The best jumping toys for toddlers

Here are some of the best toy ideas for kids who love to jump!

The best jumping toys for toddlers

Stepping Stones for Kids

A playful path to improve coordination and balance, these stepping stones turn any space into a challenging obstacle course.

Check out my guide on how to use stepping stones for kids!

Pogo Stick

Introduce your toddler to the joys of bouncing with a kid-friendly pogo stick designed for safety and endless fun.

Unicorn Bouncy Horse

Combine the magic of unicorns with the joy of jumping for a fantastical playtime experience.

Mini Trampoline

A personal jumping space that lets toddlers safely bounce to their heart’s content.

2 year old in dress up dress doing stepping stones

Hopscotch Playmat Foam Interlocking Puzzle Floor Mat

A soft and safe way to enjoy the classic game of hopscotch indoors.

Turtle Balance Stepping Stones

Adorable turtle-shaped stones that challenge toddlers to hop from one to another, improving balance.

Inflatable Bounce House with Slide

My kids LOVE their indoor bounce house. Bring the excitement of a carnival home with a bounce house that’s sure to be the highlight of any playdate.

indoor bounce house

Hopper Ball

A simple, yet endlessly entertaining way for toddlers to bounce around the room or garden.

22 Inches Jumping Ball

Larger than a hopper ball for even more bouncing fun and challenging balance play.

5FT Trampoline for Toddlers

A larger trampoline that gives toddlers more room to jump and play.

Up In & Over Bounce Jam Inflatable Vinyl Bouncer

An inflatable bouncer that sets up quickly for spontaneous fun.

2 Animal Hopper Ball

Double the fun with a set of animal hopper balls, perfect for siblings or playdates.

Adjustable and Lightweight Skipping Rope

Introduce your toddler to the joys of skipping with a rope that’s just their size.

6FT Trampoline for Kids

A bigger trampoline designed for growing toddlers who love to jump.

15 Inch Fun Space Hopper

A space-themed hopper ball that adds an out-of-this-world twist to bouncing.

Safe Bouncing Cow

A friendly cow hopper that offers a safe and delightful bouncing experience for the littlest riders.

Inflatable Plush Covered Horse Bouncer

A soft, plush exterior adds a cozy touch to this bouncy horse, making it a cuddly companion.

Wooden Balance Beam Stepping Stones

A natural and aesthetically pleasing way to enhance balance and coordination.

My First Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper

A foam pogo jumper that’s perfect for beginners, offering a safe introduction to pogo stick fun.

Inflatable Jump-O-Lene Ball Pit Bounce House Play Set

Combine the excitement of a bounce house with the fun of a ball pit for the ultimate toddler play area.

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