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Make Your Own Aquarium printable for kids

Get ready for some creative fun with our Make Your Own Aquarium printable for kids! It’s the perfect way to spark your little one’s imagination, combining pretend play with a splash of learning about marine life.

My five year old son has been obsessed with pretend play lately. We have been doing a play pet shop in his room for almost 2 weeks now.

It originally started with setting up his stuffed animals like they were in a store and him and his sister take turns coming in to buy them or get them groomed.

Then, he requested a fish tank. His grandma has a fish tank and often takes them to the fish store so I think that’s what inspired it.

I thought about grabbing a bowl and setting up a “real” pretend fish tank, but decided to make a printable version instead.

He has it on his wall and adds fish to it and peels them off when his sister buys them and it’s just been a lot of fun. They have enjoyed it so much, I wanted to share the free printable here with you all today, too!

This fun, educational project not only engages children in arts and crafts but also opens up a world of learning about marine life and aquatic environments.

aquarium printable mock up

Create Your Own Underwater World

Our printable Make Your Own Aquarium set is designed to foster creativity and teach children about different aquatic animals and habitats in an interactive way.

Printable Aquarium Kit

It’s perfect for playing pretend pet shop, discussing various sea animals, or simply enjoying a quiet time of crafting and creativity.

The activity can be tailored to suit various learning themes, whether you’re focusing on biology, environmental science, or artistic expression.

Printable Aquarium Kit

What’s Included in Your Printable Aquarium Kit

Our free downloadable kit is packed with everything needed to create a personalized aquarium:

  • One Page of a Printed Blank Aquarium: This serves as the canvas for your child’s underwater scene.
  • Two Pages of Characters, Fish, and Decor: These colorful cut-outs can be used to populate the aquarium. From vibrant fish to seaweed and coral, there’s plenty to make each aquarium unique.
  • Fun and Flexibility: Children can use a glue stick to permanently place their decorations or simply lay them on the printed tank for a changeable scene.

How to Make Your DIY Pretend Aquarium

Setting up your child’s homemade aquarium is simple and fun. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download and Print: Access our free printable and print out the blank aquarium and decoration pages.
  2. Cut Out the Decorations: Let your child practice their fine motor skills by carefully cutting out the fish and decorative pieces.
  3. Decorate: Use a glue stick for a permanent arrangement, or just place the cut-outs on the tank for a setup that can be changed and rearranged.

Get Your Free Printable!

Ready to start this fun and educational activity? Click here to download your free Make Your Own Aquarium printable and let your child’s imagination swim free.

aquarium mock up

We can’t wait to see the colorful underwater worlds your children create.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or caregiver, this activity is a great way to engage kids in learning through play. Download your free printable today, and let the aquatic adventure begin!

Thanks for reading!

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