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Chunk build ideas – play ottoman fun!

Curious about how your kids would use a chunk play ottoman? Here are the best Chunk build ideas to inspire you!

If you love play couches, then I highly recommend that you experiment with different add ons and extra piece sets.

There are a ton of accessories to pair with your play couch, and many brands sell different foam shapes like arches, rectangles, and even wedges.

We were so excited when Nugget released their new Chunk Play Ottoman! Check out our dedicated Chunk play ottoman review!

If you are on the fence about purchasing it, I wanted to share some build ideas to get you inspired!

nugget chunk build ideas

Chunk Build Ideas

Here are some of the fun ways we have been using out Chunk play ottoman in our builds!

Roll in it

My kids think that it is totally hilarious to get inside and roll. And it is!

rolling in a chunk play ottoman

As a chair

I think this would be a great way for kids to watch TV. Use the inner circles as a foot rest or place one inside the donut for more of a lift.

sitting in a chunk play ottoman like a chair

As an ottoman

Is this the original intent? It’s still a great option!

For board games

I personally love this set up for puzzles and board games. The inner circles are the perfect seats, too. Also great for tea parties!

To get a boost

The circle fully assembled makes a great step up to taller builds or play structures.

As a crash pad

Why not land – splat – on a circle Nugget?

jumping onto a chunk nugget play couch

As a ball pit

You can use the Chunk as a (rather small) ball pit or stuffie pit, too.

Remember – there is no bottom to the circle, it’s fully hollow.

As a tunnel

Crawl on through!

Chunk as a tunnel

How are you using your Chunk?

Thanks for reading!

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