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Nugget Comfort vs Foam Oh!

Considering a Nugget couch vs a Foam Oh for your kids? Let’s compare them side by side to see which is best for your family.

Everyone is always looking for a Nugget knock off! A new popular option is the Foam Oh play couch.

All of these different play couches can be so confusing, and shopping for them online compounds the difficulty in picking one to buy.

Let’s jump in and compare the two!

Note: I own a Nugget but not a Foam Oh, but I have nothing against the Foam Oh! Click here for my full Nugget review.

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nugget vs foam oh comparison

What are the differences between a Nugget and a Foam Oh?

Nugget and Foam Oh are both foam and fabric kids modular play couches. But, there are a lot of differences between these two sets.

The primary difference is in the shapes and pieces that each set comes with: a nugget is more like a couch, while a Foam Oh is designed to build a castle.

There are some other minor differences, but that is the primary one!

I will say, I have reviewed several play couches with arches and semi-circles, and they are all priced at a premium. The Foam Oh is priced low.

If you want a play couch with fun, unique pieces, I highly suggest that you check out the Foam Oh!

Cover Material

These play couches have a very similar cover material.


The Nugget is made of microsuede that is soft and comfortable.

Nugget also has double brushed covers and some colors that come in corduroy.

Foam Oh

The covers are microsuede.


Both of these play couches have removable, washable covers.


Nugget covers are machine washable, hang to dry.

Foam Oh

The covers unzip and are machine washable.

4 nugget build idea


These sets have a rotating variety of colored covers. Nugget has more colors currently.


Nugget comes in 3 permanent colors – gray, navy, and tan, and a rotating slate of other colors.

There are currently 19 colors available.

Foam Oh

Foam Oh comes in 8 colors:

  • light grey
  • dark grey
  • pink (baby pink)
  • sand
  • navy
  • green (dark green)
  • purple (royal purple)
  • orange


When set up as a couch, both of these sets take up the same space.


Rectangular cushions are 33″ x 66″.

Foam Oh

Bases are 33″ x 66″. Other pieces vary by size.

4 nugget build

Pieces available

The biggest difference in these sets is the pieces available in each.


Nuggets include a thick base piece that folds in half, a thin base piece that folds in half, and two triangles.

Foam Oh

Foam Oh comes in 3 layouts:

The play couch

This set includes:

  • The solid bottom base (1)
  • Foldable cushion (1)
  • Two (2) triangle back pillows
  • Two (2) rectangle arm rests
  • Personalized pillow (1)

The deluxe play couch

This set includes:

  • FOLDING bottom base(1)
  • foldable cushion(1)
  • two (2) triangle back pillows
  • two (2) rectangle arm rests
  • personalized pillow(1)

The play castle

This set includes:

  • Four (4) Half-Moons
  • Two (2) Arches
  • Two (2) Triangle Wedges
  • Two (2) Squares
  • Four (4) Rectangles
  • One (1) Personalizable Pillow
4 nugget build

Ease of purchase & delivery time

Both of these play couches are currently readily available. They can run slower leading up to holiday shopping times!


Nuggets are currently shipping and delivering immediately.

Foam Oh

They also ship immediately.



Nugget sells for $249 with free shipping in the USA. Shop Nuggets here!

Foam Oh

Foam Oh sells for $279 for the traditional play sofa, $249 for the deluxe play sofa, and $249 for the castle sofa.

toddler climbing through a nugget tunnel

Summary of differences

Here are all of the differences summarized in a handy table!

NuggetFoam Oh
Cover MaterialMicro suedeMicro suede
WashabilityMachine washableMachine washable
Colors19 colors8 colors
Size33″ x 66″33″ x 66″
Delivery TimeimmediateImmediate

See my comparison of all of the Nugget knock offs here!

Thanks for reading!

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