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The best board games for toddlers

Want to try board games with your toddler? Here are our favorite board games that they can actually play!

Toddlers can be wild and fun and all of the above but they also can get boring. Hear me out – they aren’t boring, per se, but they zoom through activities so quickly that they – and you – might find yourself bored a lot.

We recently took a long weekend to travel to a rental lake house about 1 hour away. It was pretty rural and they clearly stated in the listing that there was no WiFi.

Well, it ended up raining all weekend (of course). My 2.5 year old tore through the small backpack of toys that he packed really quickly.

We ended up, out of desperation really, playing Candy Land.

I didn’t think it would go well – I mean, he’s two, he’s not got an attention span, he’s not got hand eye coordination. But, we decided we had nothing to lose by trying.

Well, surprise, he absolutely loved it. We played game after game.

I was super inspired to get some more toddler games. I am really excited to share my favorite board games for two year olds and toddlers that you can try and enjoy, too!

the best board games for toddlers

What to look for when choosing a game for toddlers

Focus on games that are simple. It’s really best if they require luck and not really skill.

Find something that matches their interests if you can!

If you have smaller siblings or babies around, be sure to avoid anything with small parts that might be choking hazards.

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What age is best for board games?

The consensus seems to be that toddlers can start playing board games at age 3. At that point they should be able to handle multi-step instructions and have a bit more patience (maybe haha).

That being said, our son started playing Candy Land at 2 years 7 months and had no problem! I say, just know your kid.

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How to test games without buying them

Our trick to trying a bunch of new kids games without buying them? The library!

Our kids’ section offers lots of games and activities you can check out and take home! Call your library to see if they have a similar program.

The best board games for toddlers

Looking for games to play with your toddler or preschooler? Here are our favorites!

the best board games for two year olds

What’s your favorite game for family game night?!

Thanks for reading!

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