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All about the Lolly Nugget Comfort Color

Considering getting a Lolly Nugget? Here is everything you need to know about this beautiful color!

People have begged for a new pink Nugget and it is finally here – Lolly!

Let’s talk about the new Lolly color and how it might work in your home!


What color is Lolly?

Lolly is a bright pink color. It is very vibrant and VERY pink – almost like a 90’s barbie pink.

If it’s any help, when I grab the color in the stock photos, the code I get is #F689C8.

What material is Lolly?

Lolly comes in the traditional microsuede, not the double brushed.

What colors does Lolly pair well with?

This depends on the vibe you are going for! Here are some awesome vibes:

lolly and potion and snorkel and cactus
lolly and potion and snorkel and cactus
lolly and blueridge and willow and daybreak
lolly and mayberry and rosebud and majesty

Thanks for reading!

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