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11 Nugget builds for babies

Want to use your Nugget with a baby? Here are my favorite build and configurations ideas!

Nuggets are a super popular climbing toy for preschoolers, toddlers, and kids.

But what about babies?

I will firmly say don’t buy a Nugget for a baby (unless you are just obsessed haha) but if you have a Nugget and then have a baby – they can definitely use it.

What age is a Nugget good for?

We bought our first Nugget for my oldest son’s first birthday. We then had a second baby that year. Baby #2 (Rory the girl) has really taught me so many cool things that a baby can do with a Nugget!

In general, the Nugget is great as a crash pad for learning mobility. It is a safe place to play and a confidence booster for kids!

Plus, if you have multiple ages of kids, it’s a great way to let them play side by side while still having their own things to do!

So, without further ado, here are my favorite nugget builds and activities for babies!

11 nugget builds for babies

Baby Nugget build ideas

Tummy time

An easy way to use a Nugget with little babies is for tummy time. It’s a soft, safe place to let them lay and practice pushing up or rolling.

Laying across a triangle

Similarly, we liked to lean Rory against a triangle. It’s a great way to prop them up and give a little elevated tummy time!


I love setting up our nugget pieces at various levels and letting her crawl across it. It’s kind of an extremely low key baby level obstacle course!

baby crawling up nugget comfort

Pull to stand

Once babies are ready to pull to stand, a nugget (or a thick piece folded in half) is the perfect height to pull up on!

Hold on, pick up a toy

Once they are standing holding onto the Nugget, they can practice squatting down (while holding on), grabbing a toy, and bringing it up to the Nugget top!

Climb the steps

We love our stair build, and it’s a great, safe way for babies to learn how to climb steps!

baby crawling up nugget steps

Crawl up a ramp

Set up a ramp and let new crawlers practice crawling up!

Roll down a ramp

Ramps can also be used for rolling. You can gently log roll them, or do a forward roll! I’ve had my kids in little gym gymnastics since they were 10 months old, so we are comfortable safely doing baby forward rolls.

baby crawling up nugget comfort ramp


Once they are ready, they can hold onto a nugget and walk themselves around it!

Peek a boo

Babies of all ages love playing peek a boo! I will duck behind a nugget or triangle and pop out. I just eat up the baby giggles.

throwing balls down a nugget ramp

Drop balls down the ramp

My older son LOVE putting balls down the ramp. You can use a tunnel or just a Nugget. We often put stuffed animals at the bottom to bowl over, but it’s also fun to have baby sister sit there and catch them! Lightweight balls only, obviously, no bowling for baby!

Thanks for reading!

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