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What age is Nugget comfort for?

Wondering what age a Nugget comfort kids couch is for? Here’s the answer – and ideas for using it for every age!

Nuggets are a super popular kids couch. But, did you know that they were originally designed to be used by college kids?!

The founders were students at UNC who were looking for a comfy, affordable, lightweight alternative to a futon for seating in dorm rooms.

Anyways, Nuggets are great for ANY age.

We got our first for our son’s first birthday, then continued to use them for our second child from birth!

Here are some ideas for using Nuggets for all ages!


What age is Nugget comfort for?

Nuggets can be used for many ages, from age 1 to adult. Here are some ideas for using them for each age:

1 year oldLearning to climb and crawl
ToddlerForts, climbing, obstacle courses
PreschoolerForts, climbing, obstacle courses, slides, lounging
KidsForts, climbing, obstacle courses, lounging, watching tv, sleepovers
TeensLounging, sleepovers, watching TV
AdultLounging, sofa, “after dark” activities
baby crawling up nugget steps

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