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When are new Nugget colors released?

Wondering when Nugget comfort will release new colors of their kids’ couches? Here’s the trick to predicting it!

So, you’ve decided to buy a nugget kid’s couch. It’s so exciting!

But, the next question is – what color should you get?!

This is a major purchase, and Nuggets are a big fixture in your home!

You don’t want color FOMO – you want the perfect shade.

So you look and you pick the color you like best (read the difference between basic microsuede vs double brushed microsuede here!)

But – what if they release a new color soon that you like better?!

Hint: you can always buy a cover!

When are new Nugget colors released

When are new Nugget colors released?

Nugget releases new colors with no rhyme or reason. There is no pattern or schedule for new releases.

However, there is one big hint you can look for.

Watch for when they retire colors.

Nugget announces the retirement of colors in advance. This way, you have time to snatch one up if you have been on the fence.

Whenever they remove colors from the lineup, they add new ones shortly after.

The Nugget factory has a limited capacity, and they have to discontinue some colors to have space/capacity to make new ones.

See the retired Nugget colors here!

So, watch their instagram page or sign up for their emails. On the tails of a retirement, you can expect something new and nugget-y!

Thanks for reading!

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