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What to do with your Nugget box

Just received your Nugget? The big orange box is so much fun! Here are some creative ideas for re-using it!

Just got a new Nugget? Welcome to the fam 😂

Hop over and check out my Nugget configuration ideas, and print you out a free poster, and then get ready to play!

How to move a Nugget

The big orange box pictures

The first thing that you need to do is get a picture of your big orange box! Preferably in front of your front door!

Set your kids on top, or a hunky partner (hello Nugget after dark) , or even a cute dog. Get that pic!

What are the dimensions of the Nugget box?

The big orange box is 15” x 15” x 34”!

four nugget comfort boxes on a front porch

Can I leave my Nugget in the box?

No, leaving your Nugget in the box voids the warranty and you want to inspect it to be sure it’s OK before the time frame passes. Plus, they take a long time to fluff up. Here’s some ideas for hiding them if you need to!

What to do with your Nugget box

It’s super popular to keep a Nugget box and play with it! They are awesome boxes after all.

You could just… play with it. but, if you are extra, here are some extra ideas.

  • Make it into a rocket ship
  • Make it into a doll house
  • Transform it into a boat
  • Open both ends and use it as a tunnel
  • Turn it into a lemonade stand
  • Cut it open, lay it flat, and paint on it
  • Save it and prank your spouse that you bought another one
  • Sell it on Mercari (LOL so sketchy but people do!)

When you’re done, be sure to break down your big orange box and recycle it!

Thanks for reading!

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