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Nugget x Pixar Collaboration: everything we know so far!

Excited about the Nugget x Pixar collaboration? Here is everything we know so far about this awesome pairing!

The internet (ok, the parents-of-small-children internet) is abuzz with the latest announcement from Nugget comfort, the kid’s couch company – a Pixar collection!

The collection was just announced, but here is what we know so far!

Nugget x Pixar Collaboration

When will the Pixar Nuggets be released?

This collection will drop on April 7, 2022. It is unclear if multiple will drop at once or if they will trickle out, like the Elmo and Cookie monster Nuggets did.

What Pixar movies will be on the Nuggets?

The movies included will be Toy Story, Monsters Inc, and Coco.

Toy Story

The Toy Story Nugget will have 2 triangles and a thick piece that are light blue with white clouds.

The thin piece will be Honeybee color (golden yellow) with red zippers.

These are the original microsuede.

Monsters Inc

The thick pieces and the triangles will be lime green in the original microsuede. The triangles have eyeballs applique on – expect these to be spot clean only because of this.

The thin piece is blue with purple spots and double brushed suede.


The Coco nugget is original microsuede. It is black with colorful guitars, music notes, flowers, and butterflies. It’s my definite favorite of the collection!

How much will the Pixar Nuggets cost?

These nuggets will be $279 for a nugget and $159 for a cover.

When will the Pixar Nuggets ship?

The will ship within one week of ordering. They go live April 7th so expect them mid-April!

Nugget collabs are limited, one time release and when they sell out they are gone. This one looks popular on Instagram already, so be ready to jump on it if you want it!

They do not allow returns on limited edition Nuggets, though they do send replacements if a piece is damaged upon arrival.

There may be a lottery or they may sell them first come first served. Nugget has done it both ways recently.
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