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The Nugget couch and cats

Want to get a Nugget but worried about your cats? Already have one and still worried? Let’s chat about it!

Nuggets are fantastic kids toys and great for the whole family to enjoy. They can be forts, slides, obstacle courses, couches, a bed, or so many other configurations.

But, if you have cats, you might be worried about them clawing them, peeing on them, or ruining them somehow.

We have a cat and a dog and our cat honestly never pays ours much attention. She only likes it when we set it up as a tunnel, when she likes to hide in it like a cave.

But, if you are concerned, here are some popular remedies for cat-related Nugget problems

nugget tunnel configuration

What if my cat pees on my Nugget?

Cleaning urine out of anything is rough. Take the cover off as soon as possible and wash it.

Use an enzyme cleaner like Nature’s Miracle on the foam and then lay it to dry in the sunshine if possible.

What if my cat scratches my Nuggets?

Most cat owners (us included) say their cats don’t mess with their Nuggets.

If you anticipate a scratching issue, you can always try the clear nail caps or regularly trimming your cat’s nails.

It’s also important to give your cats safe places to scratch like scratching posts to keep them away from furniture.

If they do scratch your Nuggets, there’s no real way to repair pulls. You could try an iron on patch, but that won’t keep them from doing it again.

What if my cat destroys the Nugget foam?

I have heard of people leaving naked nuggets out and the cats scratching or chewing the foam.

Actually, I have also heard that if you email Nugget, they may allow you to purchase a piece of replacement foam!

Otherwise, consider waterproof foam covers to prevent this from happening.

Thanks for reading!

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