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How to make Magnetic Tile Christmas trees

Want to have a fun building activity for Christmas with kids! In this post, we’ll unwrap the magic of combining play and learning by making magnetic tile Christmas trees activities.

Christmas really turns the whole month of December into a celebration, especially for kids!

I love to incorporate holiday celebrations into every aspect of our play – and one toy that we play with a ton is magnetic tiles!

Discover the joy of constructing Christmas tree puzzles using magnetic tiles. From 2D tabletop designs to impressive 3D structures, the possibilities are as limitless as your child’s imagination.

But it’s not just about the final product; it’s about the educational journey we embark on with magnetic tiles during this holiday season.

how to build magnetic tiles christmas trees

Supplies Needed

To make these trees, all you really need is:

  • Magnetic Tiles
  • A flat surface to build on
  • Optional: magnetic decor like jingle bells

You will want to assess how many green tiles you have. Unless you have a HUGE collection, it’s going to be hard to build a big tree that is all green.

For my 3D trees, I made the front green and used other colors for the sides and back pieces!

Be sure to read our full comparison of the top Magnetic Tile brands! We personally use a mix of Magna Tiles and Picasso Tiles!

toddler stacking magnetic tiles

Encouraging Learning through Play

Incorporating magnetic tiles into Christmas tree building activities transforms into an interactive learning experience that captivates young minds, nurturing their cognitive abilities while celebrating the joy of the holiday season.

This festive combination of fun and education lays the foundation for a memorable and enriching holiday for both children and parents alike.

magnetic tile christmas tree ideas

Christmas Tree Magnetic Tile Build Ideas

The festive season brings a perfect opportunity to blend fun and learning with Christmas-themed activities.

One such engaging endeavor involves the creative use of magnetic tiles to construct Christmas tree puzzles.

This innovative approach not only adds a delightful touch to the holiday spirit but also nurtures essential skills in young children.

2D Magnetic Tile Trees

One of the easiest ways to make magnetic tile Christmas trees is flat on a surface. This could be a tabletop or a magnetic vertical surface like a whiteboard.

magnetic tile christmas tree ideas

Additionally, if you want your kids to get creative, consider using masking tape to trace out a tree shape and ask your kids to fill it in with tiles! This is a great way to teach problem solving skills.

magnetic tile christmas tree ideas

3D Magnetic Tile Trees

It’s even more fun to make 3D Christmas trees using tiles. You will want to build on a flat surface and build in phases to get the trees to be stable and stand up.

Here are a few ideas for 3d trees – but get creative and build your own, depending on what tiles you have in your collection!

magnetic tile christmas tree ideas

The simplest thing to do is make a simple pyramid using 3 larger triangles and a small equilateral triangle base piece. These are quick and great to make if you don’t have a ton of tiles on hand.

This is a taller, symmetrical 3D tree. I didn’t have enough green pieces to do all the side, so you can see I used red and yellow on the back!

Here’s an idea for a bigger tree you could scale up depending on how many pieces you have. The base is a box and the front is just holding itself up.

Decorating the Magnetic Tile Christmas Tree

Once your trees are made, you can actually decorate them with small magnetic items. Definitely only do this with kids who are old enough to not put things in their mouths or swallow them and supervise your kids carefully.

Decorating their little trees is fun and helps them develop fine motor skills.

Fun Ways to Decorate

Ideas for decorating the magnetic tree include:

  • jingle bells
  • metal ornaments
  • removable stickers
  • dry erase markers

Also consider incorporating ideas like:

  • color sorting
  • size sequencing
  • creating patterns
  • talking about symmetry
  • collaboration/teamwork

If you have magnetic tiles on hand, definitely consider building Christmas trees with them this holiday season! This is such a simple and fun way to turn the whole month into a celebration with your kids!

cube bin full of magnetic tiles

Thanks for reading!

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