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Magna tiles vs Connetix: which is best for you?!

Deciding between Magna-tiles vs Connetix tiles for your kids? Let’s compare these magnetic tiles side by side!

Magnetic tiles are a really great open-ended toy for kids. They let them explore building and creativity and are honestly just fun to play with!

These are a great STEM toy to introduce to young kids to get them interested in engineering, too!

There are a lot of popular magnetic tile brands (compare them all here!) but Magna Tiles and Connetix are two of the most popular.

So, let’s compare these magnetic tile brands to see which might be right for your family!

Are Connetix tiles the same as Magna-tiles?

Connetix tiles and Magna Tiles have the same purpose. They are magnetic tile sets designed for kids to learn to build! They are not exactly the same in appearances, but function the same.

Connetix tiles have a beveled (angled) edge and are more clear in appearance than most other tile brands!

So while they have their own unique differences, they are the same type of toy and you may need to just decide which you like better.

five connected magna tiles
five connected magna tiles

Are Connetix tiles compatible with Magna-Tiles?

Yes! Connetix and Magna Tiles are compatible and can be used to build together.

While you may want to stick to one brand or the other just for simplicity sake of storing or buying sets, if you happen to have both or someone gives them as gifts, they will work together.

Are Connetix compatible with other magnetic tiles?

Yes, Connetix are compatible with almost all other brands of magnetic tiles. It is very common to mix and match sets to get different pieces from different collections that you love!

Are Connetix tiles worth the money?

Asking if something is “worth the money” is always highly subjective. Price matters differently to different people.

Connetix tiles are pricey. However, they are high quality and great for building.

If you are looking for a solid toy and you know your child is rough with toys, these will be good for your long-term usability.

Do Connetix tiles break easily?

No, Connetix tiles are very strong and secure!

Again, this is subjective to what your child does with toys. However, if you use them as directed and with normal play, they will hold up great.

Are Connetix tiles safe?

Connetix tiles are sealed using ultrasonic welding and have rivets in each corner, making them just as secure as Magna Tiles!

Magna-Tiles vs Connetix

Magna tiles vs Connetix tiles

Here is my comparison of magna tiles and connetix for each of their key characteristics!

Tile size

These two sets of tiles are about the same size and work well together.

However, it’s always easier to have all in one set for simplicity. But if you have both, they will work together.

Shapes include:

  • equilateral triangles
  • isosceles triangles
  • right triangles
  • small squares
  • large squares
cube bin full of magnetic tiles

Magnet size and strength

Magna-Tiles have smaller magnets when compared to Connetix. Connetix tiles are actually said to be the strongest of all of the magnetic tile brands!

That said, the Magna-Tile magnets don’t have a problem connecting together at all. They hold strong in a build but then are easily destructible if you are destroying your build.


Magna-Tiles and Connetix are held together with metal rivets in each corner. This keeps them very securely tight and keeps the magnets safe inside the plastic.

The tiles and shapes are also very safe and aren’t likely to cause an issue for younger children who may put them in their mouth or other places.


Both of the products are high quality. The Connetix tiles are ever so slightly concave in on the face so the plastic gets less scratched up. They are more see-through, so scratches would really ruin that look!

Magna-Tiles are also very high quality and don’t scratch easily, even if you child likes ramming trucks into a Magna-Tile castle…


The heavier magnets make Connetix slightly heavier than Magna-Tiles. Heavier tiles can be harder to build with, but the difference is pretty insignificant.

Neither tile set is heavy enough to cause any sort of issue with holding.


Magna-Tiles and Connetix are both premium products with high prices. That being said, I usually see Magna-Tiles at a slightly higher per-tile price compared to Connetix.

The price difference is not significant though, so usually it’s best to just stick to one set or the other and then continue there.

toddler stacking magnetic tiles

Why are Connetix tiles so expensive?

Connetix has chosen to price their magnetic tiles as the most expensive option on the market. This is because they are striving to be the highest quality, most premium option. They have a legion of fans who believe that they truly are the best – and are willing to pay for it.

They are not pushing for tons of sales or discounts, as they want to be seen as a premium, high-price, quality product.


You can’t go wrong with Connetix or Magna-Tiles. Magna-Tiles are the original and the classic tile and there are lots of sets to choose from.

But, many parents say that Connetix are the newest, most improved, strongest version!

Thanks for reading!

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