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Magnetic tiles: everything you need to know

Thinking about getting magnetic tiles for your kids? Here’s everything you need to know about the brands, care, and activity ideas using magnetic tiles!

Magnetic tiles are one of my favorite open ended toys for kids.

Playing with magnetic tiles can help younger kids learn colors and shapes. Older kids can learn basic engineering and building skills. They help with fine motor skills and critical thinking for all ages.

Plus, magnetic tiles are an excellent option for your kiddos independent playtime.

magnetic tiles - everything you need to know

But, the truth about magnetic tiles is that they are a bit pricey and there are so many options, it can be overwhelming.

We have had magnetic tiles since my oldest was 6 months old and we play with them almost every day.

So, I have a lot of thoughts and things to say about magnetic tiles.

Let’s get into it!

magna tile and picasso tile boxes

The best brands of Magnetic Tiles

I have compared many of the most popular brands of magnetic tiles to share my favorites!

Magnetic Tiles comparisons

Check out these side-by-side brand comparisons of magnetic tiles.

cube bin full of magnetic tiles

Caring for Magnetic Tiles

Here are some of my best tips for caring for Magnetic Tiles and keeping them in great shape!

Click here to download our FREE PDF Magnetic Tile Care guide!

magnetic tile pile

More Magnetic Tile topics

Have more questions about magnetic tiles? Here are some other popular articles!

magnetic tiles all stuck together

Shop Magnetic Tiles

Shop my favorite magnetic tiles:

Shop magnetic tile accessories:

Click here to download our FREE PDF Magnetic Tile Care guide!

Thanks for reading!

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