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The complete 2024 Picasso tiles review

Considering buying magnetic tiles for your child? Here’s my complete Picasso tiles review!

There are so many toys for preschool aged kids, it’s hard to know what lives up to the hype and what does not.

One of the more popular toys that you might see is magnetic tiles. They are often referred to as “magna-tiles”, but that is actually just one brand.

Picasso Tiles are probably the second most popular brand of magnetic tiles – and about half the price of magna tiles.

But are they lesser quality? Or really a knock off?

Keep reading to find out!

box of picasso tiles
picasso tiles toy review

Picasso tiles review

Let’s talk about Picasso Tiles and if they might be right for your kids!

What are Picasso Tiles?

Picasso tiles are magnetic tiles in geometric shapes and jewel toned colors that can be put together to do creative builds.

Magnetic tiles are great for STEM learning, including shapes, geometry, colors, and basic engineering.

They are one of my very favorite open ended toys for independent play in toddlers and preschoolers!

magna tile vs picasso tile
magna tile (left) vs picasso tile (right)

Are Picasso tiles the same as Magna-tiles?

These two tile brands are extremely similar but not identical. However, they are both very high quality.

The most obvious visual difference is that Magna-tiles have metal rivets in each corner, while picasso tiles do not.

Picasso Tiles are also slightly heavier than Magna-Tiles, which can be bad for larger, taller builds. However, the difference is hardly significant.

It is also said that Picasso tiles have slightly stronger magnets than Magna-tiles, which might cancel out the weight for big builds!

Are Picasso Tiles compatible with Magna-Tiles?

Yes! These tiles are not identical, but the size and magnet placement line up so that they work together perfectly. We mix Picasso Tiles and Magnatiles seamlessly.

square picasso tile

Are Picasso tiles durable?

Picasso tiles are highly durable. We have played with ours for countless hours (a lot of cars crashing towers violently) and have never had a crack or any damage to them whatsoever.

Are Picasso tiles high quality?

I think that Picasso Tiles are VERY high quality. I have heard people say that Picasso Tile faces scratch up faster than Magnatiles, but I have not personally experienced that. And my kids are not gentle!

Jewel cut mini picasso tiles
Jewel cut mini picasso tiles

I also really love the jewel cut tiles – it’s subtle but is pretty held up to the light!

Are Picasso tiles strong?

I have found that Picasso Tiles are slightly stronger/can hold more compared to Magna Tiles. You can see in the images below that I can consistently get 6 Picasso tiles to hang, while Magna Tiles give out after 5.

These tiles are great for building towers, castles, and houses. We really enjoy them!

What accessories does Picasso Tiles offer?

Picasso Tiles offers a few accessory packs. Know that any accessories for Magnatiles (like the animals) will work as well.

How many magnetic tiles do you need?

The more magnetic tiles, the better for bigger builds. I suggest starting with a 100 piece set, which sets your kids up to see if they will really enjoy them and want more!

cube bin full of magnetic tiles

What is the price of Picasso Tiles?

Picasso Tiles tend to run around 45-50 cents per tile full price.

Do Picasso Tiles go on sale?

Picasso Tiles often have sales, especially in big sale times like Prime Day or Black Friday. You can use coupon code “AFF20%OFF” to get 20% off your order on any time!

toddler stacking magnetic tiles

Are Picasso Tiles worth it?

In my opinion, Picasso Tiles are THE magnetic tiles to buy. They are high quality, very strong, and super fun to play with. They are the best bang for your buck magnetic tile, and enable you to get a lot of tiles for your budget!

Any more questions about Picasso tiles?

Thanks for reading!

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