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Are magnetic tiles safe?

Worried and wondering are magnetic tiles safe for your kids? Let’s talk through all the safety concerns and name the safest magnetic tile brand!

Magnetic tiles are a super fun, open ended, creative learning toy for kids. However, there is a lot of concern around letting kids play with magnets.

Magnets can cause a massive amount of internal damage if ingested. They can connect together within the digestive system and require massive surgery to remove.

I personally would never let me kids play with loose magnets at this age (or the building set that is small magnet marbles and magnetic stick things).

However, I feel very safe letting my kids play with their magnetic tiles.

Here are some great tips about magnet safety with young kids.

Let’s hop into the details!


Are magnetic tiles safe?

Magnetic tiles are safe as long as the magnet stays within the plastic and doesn’t get broken out. Loose magnets are VERY dangerous for kids, especially if ingested.

magnetic tiles all stuck together

Are magnetic tiles safe for babies?

Magnetic tiles are usually marketed as a toy for ages 3 and up. However, it’s common for kids as young as age 6 months to use them.

They need to be well supervised when playing and tiles should be regularly inspected for breaks or damage. Any damaged tiles should always be thrown away immediately.

toddler stacking magnetic tiles

Are magnetic BPA free?

Magnatiles are free of BPA, phthalates, PVC, latex or toxic materials.

Picasso tiles are made from non-toxic ABS plastic that is BPA-free.

I would assume that “no name” very cheap plastic tiles are NOT BPA free, but do your own research there!

cube bin full of magnetic tiles

What are the safest magnetic tiles?

Magnatiles are the safest magnetic tiles. This is because each tile has a rivet in each corner. These metal rivets help hold the tiles together in case of any cracks or damage to the glue holding the plastic together.

magna tile rivets
magna tile corner rivets

Magna tiles also have the following safety tests done:

  • Drop Test
  • Torque Test
  • Tension Test
  • Compression Test
  • Tension Test for Magnets
  • Impact Test for Magnets
  • Soaking Test for Magnets
  • Content Analysis

That being said, I have never had an issue with breakage of any of my magnetic tiles. But, if safety is your top concern, Magnatiles are the most secure.

Any questions about magnetic tile safety?

Thanks for reading!

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