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The best accessories to pair with magnetic tiles

If your kids love magnetic tiles, you might be looking for new and unique ways to play with them! Here’s the best accessories to pair with magnetic tiles.

Magnetic tiles are a super popular toys for preschoolers and little kids.

They teach critical thinking, creativity, and even engineering skills.

Y’all know that I am a big fan of any type of open ended, multi-use toy. Toys with lots of uses mean less clutter in my house!

While some kids will do great if you just hand them a pile of magnatiles and say go play, other kids might need a bit more guidance.

Whether your kids LOVE magnetic tiles and you want to help expand their play with magnatile activities, or you need some ideas to get your kids interested in them to begin with, these accessories are sure to make magnetic tile play more fun!

16 best accessories to play with magnetic tiles

The best accessories to pair with magnetic tiles

Here are some of my favorite magnetic tile add ons!

White board

White boards are great to pair with magnetic tiles because they are also magnetic. They serve as a clean white slate to stick tiles to and form designs on the wall of your playroom. Plus, they double as, you know, an actual white board for drawing.

Magnetic ball run

Many magnetic tiles sell ball run kits. These kits are designed to work with magnetic tiles. They include tubes, ramps, and other pieces to create an oversized marble drop! These are especially fun for older kids.

Magnetic car ramp

Magnetic tile companies also sell kits for building car ramps. These are awesome for kids who love cars and want to build sort of parking garage type designs.

Windows pieces

If your kids love building magnetic tile houses and buildings, check out this set of windows and fences!

Toy Cars

Cars like hot wheels or matchbox cars can easily ride along magnetic tile roads, ramps, and inside buildings!

Little People

Kids love building little houses for their Little People figurines to play in.

Drip Pan

A large drip pan is another option as a magnetic surface. Use it to build on or lean it on furniture to make a magnetic ramp. Finally, you can hang them on the wall for a wall-hanging surface!

Toy Animals

If your kids love animals, have them build a magnetic tile zoo! Plastic, wooden, or stuffed – any animals will do! Encourage older kids to group animals by type and build them each a habitat!

Tile cars made for magna tiles

If your kids love cars, you can buy them these magnetic car bases, designed to have magnetic tile cars built on top of them!

picasso tile magnetic car

Way to play roads

Way to play roads are another super popular gift for car loving kids. These flexible road pieces can be paired with ramps made of magnetic tiles to make a super cool road set up!

Magnetic strips

These small magnetic strips are easier to store than a huge whiteboard or drip tray but still allow kids to build off the way or with a magnetic base!

Light panel or light table

Our children’s museum pairs magna tiles with a light table and kids love seeing the light shine through the transparent colored plastic!


No light table? No problem! Play with magnetic tiles in a window. Let your kids explore the shadows and the stained glass effect!

Press leaves in between two clear ones

Go on a nature hunt and collect leaves or flowers. Then, place them in between two magnetic tiles. You will create “pressed flowers” and it’s really cool for older kids to check out!!

Jingle bells

Jingle bells are magnetic and will stick to magnetic tile magnets! Just be sure to choose bells that are large enough to not be a choking hazard.


Small balls can be paired with magnetic tiles to create a ball drop! Super fun, especially for creative older kids!

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