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Magna tiles vs Picasso tiles: which is best for you?!

Deciding between Magna-tiles and Picasso tiles for your kids? Here is a side by side comparison of the two most popular magnetic tile brands!

Magnetic building tiles are a super popular stem toy for toddlers and young children – read our full comparison of all of the magnetic tile brands here!

Two of the most popular brands are Magna-Tiles and Picasso Tiles.

Magna-Tiles are the original brand of magnetic tiles. They are very high quality and very popular!

Picasso Tiles are the second most popular brand, and are way less expensive.

Lots of people who are shopping for magnetic tiles for their kids consider these two options and are trying to decide which to buy.

Let’s compare the two side by side to decide which is best for you and your family!

magna tile vs picasso tile
magna tile left picasso tile right

What are magnetic tiles?

Magnetic tiles are plastic tiles that come in geometric shapes. Along the edges of each shape are small magnets that can be used to connect the pieces.

These magnetic building blocks are great for teaching fine motor skills, creative thinking, and engineering skills! They are an open-ended toy perfect for toddlers and younger children.

Magnetic tiles are perfect for helping children to learn to build structures and what types of construction works and doesn’t work.

Plus, magnetic tiles can be built and arranged to work alongside other toys to build structures to support the play of those other toys.

Are Picasso tiles the same as Magna-tiles?

These two tile brands are extremely similar but not identical. However, they are both very high quality. You cannot go wrong with either brand. Because Picasso Tiles are about half the price, I always suggest getting more Picasso Tiles rather than less Magna Tiles!

There are some differences between these two brands, however.

The most obvious visual difference is that Magna-tiles have metal rivets in each corner, while picasso tiles do not.

Picasso Tiles are also slightly heavier than Magna-Tiles, which can be bad for larger, taller builds. However, the difference is hardly significant.

It is also said that Picasso tiles have slightly stronger magnets than Magna-tiles, which might cancel out the weight for big builds!

magnatile vs picasso tile circles of triangles
Picasso tiles top, Magna Tiles bottom

I have noticed one random difference when playing with these tiles. Picasso Tiles isosolese triangles are ever so slightly (millimeters) smaller in width than magna tiles.

As you can see in the photo above, 12 of these magnatiles make a perfect circle. The Picasso tiles do not add up to a circle.

Certainly odd!

Are Picasso Tiles compatible with Magna-Tiles?

Yes! These tiles are not identical, but the size and magnet placement line up so that they work together perfectly.

magna tile vs picasso tile
picasso tile left magna tile right

Are Magformers compatible with Picasso Tiles or Magna-Tiles?

Magformers come in the regular or Super size. Super magformers are larger than Picasso tiles and Magnatiles whereas their regular size are smaller.

This size difference means the magnets don’t line up, so they are hard to use together. However, you can configure different structures depending on how you use them.

Do Picasso tiles break easily?

One thing that you hear sometimes is that Picasso tiles break easily. I don’t think that is true. However, they lack the rivets that Magna-Tiles have in the corners. So, they are slightly less secure.

I have read parents saying that Picasso tiles get surface scratches more easily than Magna-Tiles. This is, however, cosmetic. When you have young children playing with any toy, you have to assume there will be scratches and dings.

Regardless of brand, if any magnetic tile cracks, you need to throw it out. Loose magnets are extremely dangerous around children or if digested.

Magna-Tiles vs Picasso tiles

Magna tiles vs Picasso tiles

Here are comparisons of magna tiles and picasso tiles on some of their most important characteristics.

Tile size

Magnatiles and Picasso tiles are the same size and shapes.

Shapes include:

  • equilateral triangles
  • isosceles triangles
  • right triangles
  • small squares
  • large squares

Magnet size and strength

The magnets on both sets of tiles are actually the same size. However, it is widely accepted that Picasso tiles have stronger magnets than Magna-tiles!

In my not-so-scientific test, you can see I got 5 magnatile squares to hang end to end, but could get 6 picasso tiles to connect and hang before it fell apart.


Magna-Tiles are held together with metal rivets in each corner. Picasso tiles are only held together with glue. This means that Magna-tiles are more secure and therefore safer long term.

magna tile rivets


Both of the products are high quality. However, it is said that Picasso tile plastic faces scratch more easily than Magna-Tiles.

This is a superficial difference that shouldn’t factor into the decision of a parent when considering the set is meant to build and destroy over and over.


Picasso Tiles are considered to be 1 percent heavier than Magna tiles. That means, 100 Picasso tiles will weigh the same as 101 Magnatiles.

Heavier tiles can be harder to build with, but the difference is pretty insignificant.

magna tile and picasso tile boxes


Magna-Tiles run over $1 a tile! In fact, $1 a tile is like a BlackFriday level good deal. On the other hand, Picasso tiles are half that price. You can get so many more tiles for your money if you go Picasso tiles!

Both os these sets frequently go on sales – like Prime Day and Black Friday – and can be used when Target runs a $25 off $100 toy purchase coupon twice a year!

Do Picasso Tiles go on sale?

Picasso Tiles often have sales, especially in big sale times like Prime Day or Black Friday. You can use coupon code “AFF20%OFF” to get 20% off your order on any time!


Magna-Tiles and Picasso Tiles are both fantastic options – you can’t go wrong with either.

If you are on any sort of budget whatsoever, I’d say it’s better to have more Picasso Tiles than less Magnatiles.

If you have unlimited funds, then go with Magnatiles for the highest quality experience!

Before you go…

Once you pick a set of magnetic tiles, it’s time to start using them! You are going to want to check out my guide to fun activity ideas using magnetic tiles!

Thanks for reading!

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