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8 Easy Leprechaun Trap Ideas

Want to celebrate St Patricks Day by making a Leprechaun Trap with your kids? Here are 8 easy Leprechaun trap ideas, a super fun St Patricks Day kids idea!

St Patrick’s Day is one of those random holidays that is really fun for partying college kids and also like preschool aged kids. Anyone outside of those parameters, for the most part, won’t care. But for those in them – whoo, it’s a fun one!

We are talking leprechauns and rainbows and gold coins – all things that little kids love.

DIY leprechaun trap from an oatmeal canister

I have really enjoyed the new tradition of building a DIY leprechaun trap with my kids. It’s silly and fun, we get to do a craft and spend some time together.

If you plan on building a leprechaun trap that’s a bit fancier, be sure to start a few days in advance so you have plenty of time to set it up.

But, there are still plenty of simple ideas that you can make the night before St Patrick’s Day!

Don’t forget to get the kids involved – they’ll love setting up the traps and making little crafts like this Leprechaun Craft from a toilet paper roll!

Anyways, check out some of my favorite St Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Trap ideas!

easy diy leprechaun trap ideas

Easy Leprechaun Trap Ideas

Here are my favorite simple leprechaun trap ideas!

Leprechaun trap ideas

Here are a TON of ideas for leprechaun traps to make with your kids!

How are you trapping a leprechaun this year?!

Thanks for reading!

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